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New Year, New Adult Tour; Interview with Kimberly Lauren


Hey Guys!
I’m here today with an interview with Kimberly Lauren, author of Broken series!
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Tell us all a little about your New Adult series, Broken, what are the two novels about?
To sum it all up with a pretty bow, I think they are about looking at the other side of the picture. Beautiful Broken Rules is about the girl being the promiscuous one and creating all of these rules to keep others out. Beautiful Broken Mess is about a girl that we all assumed we knew in the first book but it turns out we didn’t know her at all.

Was there any specific inspiration for these series?
No, not really. I was just curious how a story could work if the girl were the player instead of it typically being the guy. I really enjoyed the person Emerson came to be in Beautiful Broken Rules.

How would you describe your protagonists in this series to make us care for them?
Emerson is hard at first. You don’t want to like her because she sleeps around and she doesn’t apologize for it. But slowly she sneaks in a shows you sides of herself that you begin to love. She truly cares for her friends. She thinks she’s alone in this world without her parents but she learns that friends are the family you create. Jaxon is the male lead and he’s down right gorgeous. He breaks into Emerson’s life and forces her to ditch the rules.

What has been your favourite scene/moment to write in this series?
The first scene I ever had in my head was the beginning scene of Beautiful Broken Rules. Emerson wakes up in a frat house without her clothes and must sneak out the next morning.

When you were writing the novels, did you have any bad habits? (i.e. not eating dinner, or sleeping)
Of course. A huge habit would be totally forgetting to eat period. Then it’s 3 AM and I’m starving! Or not staying connected with friends enough because I’m so engrossed in this world, I just want to WRITE all the time.

What are your thoughts on the New Adult category?
I love it! Thank God for it! It’s exactly what I love to read. It’s such a great in-between that was definitely needed in the literary world.

After finishing the Broken series, do you think you’ll start a new series?
I’m working on the third in the series all though it can totally be read as a stand-alone. For now I don’t know if I will start a new series. But I do have another stand-alone I’m writing at the same time.

What is your favourite thing about writing?
The escapism and the creativity. Not many careers allow you the freedom that writing does. I can do it anywhere. I could be in my office at home or in a rented apartment in Rome on a family vacation and still be able to write.

Kimberly Pic I’m a wanderer, an adventurer, a traveler.

I want to see it all. I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.

“She travels the world & home is always in her heart.”

Lately if I’m not traveling or chasing a toddler, I’m writing. Which is weird because I hated writing in college. Oh wait, that’s because that was boring. Who really wants to sit there and cite all your sources into APA format? Not this girl. Writing for yourself is enjoyable and cathartic. Please try it. Then tell me about because I love indie authors.

I’m a Texas girl, who misses living in Europe!

Hope you enjoy my books! xoxo Kimberly

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