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Office Yoga


Hello All!
Did you know that today is National Fitness Day? Personally I didn’t know until the beginning of this week but I’m glad I know now as it works perfectly for this blog post that I’ve been wanting to post for a few weeks now. Today, I want to talk to you all about how working in an office is slowly killing us.

Dramatic, right?

But in case you missed it, you can read the news article here on the Telegraph about how we’re dying earlier because we work in an office and are not getting enough exercise in during the day. After sitting down at a computer for eight hours, we often feel exhausted, right? So we go home and we slump on the sofa and watch TV or read a book and simply don’t get back up again.

I know that it’s what I do, anyway.

So the lovely people at Furniture at Work have come up with a very fascinating campaign called Office Yoga. With it they’ve got a great youtube channel and the handy infographic below! (You can click it to enlarge it!) It looks easy enough, right?

Furniture at Work - #OfficeYoga Infographic

Now, if you’re lucky like me and work in an office alone then casually getting in some office Yoga is going to be really easy. However, when I’m working at the library, Office Yoga is probably not going to be quite so easy. And thus I have come up with a few things you can tell your colleague to get them involved too, or to make them realise that you are not, in fact, crazy.

  • “I’m increasing my life expentacy. I quite like living and don’t want to die just yet.”
  • “I’d look less silly if you joined me. Maybe we could work out together and help each other feel better?”
  • “I’d rather do this than go to the gym after work, wouldn’t you?”
  • “I could go and get the tea for everyone in the office, or you know, I could just do this.
  • “Maybe if we conquer this Office Yoga thing, the two of us could go to an actual Yoga class one evening? Maybe?”
  • “I reckon if I do this enough, I can have that extra slice of cake. Want to join me?”

Just a few things that you could say but really you do not need to say anything at all because it is your choice to live your life as you want to without judgement from your collegues! But if you are a little worried about that, don’t forget you can also do the Office Yoga in a chair at home, or you know, walk for an extra hour a day or something exhausting like that…

What do you think about #OfficeYoga

*This post is a collaborative post. I had full creative control.*


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