Oooh. Lookie! I’m Published!

Well, sorta. I write for our university newspaper, mostly writing up film reviews with the occasional feature article here and there but recently I wrote a news article for the film section of the newspaper that ended up being put on their website due to lack of space in the paper but that means I get a chance to share my lovely work with you, my followers. Aren’t you lucky? =D

Anyway, here is my article; CLICK ME

Feel free to have a look around the rest of the website, I’m sure the rest of my student writers will be pleased to know that awesome people like you are having a peek at their work! =D


  • Brodie

    Way to go, Sammie!! <3 That’s awesome that they published you on the website. You’re on the stepping stones to fame, remember us little folk when you’re publishing film reviews for the NY Times, okay? :D

  • Daydreaming_Star

    Aha, thanks Brodie! It may take a while to get to NY Times and well… not really the direction I want to go in. Thinkning more along the lines of
    Film magazines. lol. but thanks anyways.

    p.s. i could never forget ya ;) <3

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