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Over Halfway There

Over Halfway There

Hey Guys!

I wasn’t going to say anything until I had finished the journey but I felt so damn proud of myself this week that I thought – what the hey! I basically want to SHOUT OUT LOUD at how proud and excited and happy I am with myself that I have made it this far.

At the end of last year, I decided to try running again. If you’ve been following my blog or twitter for a while then you’ll know that for the past few years I’ve had some health problems which meant I was unable to run. It was a major blow for me as I’d always loved running and usually went running once or twice a week. But then I got ill, so ill and tired and achy that I could barely get out of bed, let alone get myself out for a run.

Back and forth I went to the doctors and got told there was nothing wrong with me except that I was overweight. Then I finally got physio and she mentioned that my core muscles were the problem so we worked together to strengthen them and I did start to feel better. Not great, but better. But still something wasn’t right.

Finally at the beginning of the year last year, I got diagnosed with VERY LOW vitamin D levels. A simple blood test that I could have had at the beginning of all my issues but was denied. When the average person has levels between 75 – 300, my vitamin d level was at 17. I definitely did not have enough of the vitamin inside of me to keep my muscles and bones strong and healthy.

At the end of the summer I got my levels rechecked and I was all the way up in the 200s. (I don’t remember exactly what it was). So now that I take vitamin d tablets daily and I was starting to ache less and less, I decided that it was time to get back on the horse – metaphorically, of course.

Thus I started running again.

I started at the beginning of the couch to 5k program because while I had been nearing 10k distances before, it had been years since I had done so. And it turned out the beginning was where I needed to be. After the first run, I felt destroyed. My legs ached, I felt exhausted but I also felt something I hadn’t for years; adrenaline. It was such a good feeling. One I ultimately missed. And it made me feel so good.

Naturally with Christmas in the middle of that, I did stop running for a short while, but at the beginning of January, I got back into it and started exactly where I left off.

And on Thursday last week, I finally managed to complete Week 4, Run 2 of the 9 week program which means that I am now officially over halfway towards the end. I am halfway towards being able to run for 5k without stopping.

And I am so damn glad. I am incredibly grateful that my body is now strong enough to allow me to do this again. And I finally feel like I am getting back on track and getting my fit life back. I have missed it so much.

Keep an eye out for more news about my running in the coming weeks!

But for now,

I’m going out for a run!


  • Jordon

    Amazing! I’m sorry to hear that the doctors failed you though, that’s really disheartening. But I’m glad that you’re getting better! I wish I enjoyed running, I’ve tried multiple times to start, but I don’t enjoy it at all, weight training is more my thing. That’s awesome that you’re getting back into it! You should 100% feel proud!

  • Sarah

    Congratulations! I’m so sorry it took them so long to discover what was causing your problems but I’m glad you’re feeling better and well done on getting this far with your running again!

    I keep thinking I should start something like this, but Scotland is so cold and dark in the evenings at the moment – I just have too many excuses lined up

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