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Phones, Phones, Everywhere!

Phones, Phones, Everywhere!


There is a lot of chatter about mobile phones isn’t there? Are we giving them to children to young? Are we too obssessed with them? Does it make us anti-social? There are a lot of arguments for and against phones which can all be found on the internet somewhere and everyone has their own opinion on the devices but no matter where you stand with phones, sometimes knowing which phone or which network to choose can be a right pain, can’t it?

I know, personally, I’ve been with the same network provider for the last eight years or so – they do like to trap you in those two year contracts too, don’t they? – mostly because it’s a lot easier to just upgrade then it is to shop the market and find out which Mobile Network is actually the best one; which one offers the best coverage or the best deal. The hassle of that is far too much for busy old me, plus, I do quite like keeping my number.

But I also know that there are a few people out there who do shop around and it can be a very confusing thing to do, especially if it’s your first time shopping or you’re looking for a specific contract, or perhaps the best network that does pay as you go. So fortunately, I’m here to tall you about the Mobile Network Guide; a website that it is here to literally make it a lot less confusing. With information about all of the different UK Network Providors to articles about how to keep your number, it is definitely a website worth having a look at if you need a little help.


To finish this post – I just want to say it is also very important to get the right phone – otherwise your emoji’s can cause miscommunication with your friends! Just the other day my friend posted an alarmed/embarrased emoji but on my phone it looked like a really sad face and I immediately apologised to which she was rather confused about! Of course, it led to a hysterical conversation but certainly made me wonder if I should be looking into purchasing an iPhone for my next contract – in November – gah!

*This post is a collaboration post – all words are my own*

What funny phone story do you have to tell us?


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