Rainbow Wars! Why You Will Love Landline!

Rainbow Wars!: Why You Will Love Landline

Hi Guys!
I’m here today to battle it out with other Rainbow fans to find out which book is best! I’m championing Landline! I love this book so much and I really hope you agree! There’s also a chance to win a signed copy!! Eeeeek!

Reasons I love Landline

1. Magical Realism

One of my favourite things about Landline is that it contains magical realism. It’s a story that in a modern world, is unlikely to happen but the possibility it might makes it so much cuter and lovely. It opens up a bridge between reality and magic – who doesn’t love that?

2. Neal is adorable

Both as a young teenager and an older man, Neal is just so charming. He’s protective and loyal and he just made my heart ache. He does so much for his family. I was so happy with how it all ended – as I’m sure you will be too.

3. There is an overwhelming amount of cuteness

No, really, there is! Between the two timezones, flashbacks and complete love between our main protagonists, you will fall into a deep void of cuteness. You’ll want to go “ahhh”, and “awww” and squee a fair amount to. It’s the perfect book to make your heart sing.

4. A love so deep and real

What I love so much about Landline is that it depicts a strong and intense love. But it doesn’t paint it as amazing and always the answer. It shows you what love is really about. It reminds you that love is the basis of the relationship and then you have hard work and commitment on top to make it work. Love isn’t the only thing keeping this family together.

5. It is a bucket full of Hope

The ending of this book is incredibly well done. It shows that even in the darkest times, one can still find hope. I absolutely adored this about the book. Everything together meant that there simply had to be hope for the future. It reminds us all that where we are now and how we feel right now isn’t the end, merely a stop on our journey.

So those are the main reasons why I love this book so much. It also, of course, is written by Rainbow Rowell which is a major plus point as all her books are wonderful!

Are you on TeamLandline?

Landline is released in paperback today, will you be grabbing your copy?

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You can win your very own copy of Landline which will be signed by Rainbow Rowell!
Entrants must reside in the UK or IRL.
No purchase necessary.
Winners will be notified by e-mail.
Winners will have 28 days to claim their prize.
This giveaway is being sponsored by Orion Books.
Entrants must be 13 years or older or have express permission from a parent or guardian.
Giveaway ends: 14th August 2015

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