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Review: Trolley Bags*

Trolley Bags

Hi All!
Today I am here with a review of Trolley Bags for you all! I recently got sent this product for review and I am so glad I asked to review them because I have fallen in love with them!

In this new world of plastic bags being 5p, I’ve been on a search to find some good sturdy grocery shopping bags that aren’t going to break when they’re full of heavy items, that are easy to carry and that don’t gather too much dust and dirt at the bottom of them. You know… I’m not really asking for too much, am I?

Over the years I have generally been using the supermarket’s own bags but as above, I often find that eventually they break or are too difficult to carry or they get full of dirt and grime and I don’t want to reuse them anyway.

So I am overjoyed with these new Trolley Bags. They have a mesh bottom so the dirt and grime disappears – or at least, I haven’t seen any yet! Plus they have strong but short handles so us short people aren’t dragging the shopping on the floor AND they can carry lots of heavy items too. I also love that they range in size as I often get more of one type of food than another anyway.

Of course, the reason for the range in size is also because that way they fit in the trolley better!

If you haven’t seen these bags yet, you can watch a video of them here (this is also where you can buy the pastel ones I got but other depths and colours can be found here.)

The idea is that you do all of your shopping with the bags hanging neatly on the back of the trolley and then you open the bags into the trolley at the end and pack your shopping away easily.

However. I am quite fortunate to live near a Tesco which allows me to Scan as I shop. So being able to have the bags perfectly organised in the trolley from the very beginning has been life changing! Normally the bags fall over each other and I struggle to get them to fit around everything but these just make it feel like you’re shopping normally but at the end of it, everything is neatly packed away.

Literally, a dream come true when it comes to shopping.

So, I would definitely highly recommend these bags if you want to make your shopping that little bit easier!

I was sent these bags for review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.


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