Running & Fitness: My December Journey

Running & Fitness

I had a lot of plans for December. I was going to really get my fitness back on track and start to feel better about myself in the long run. But it did not happen. I honestly don’t know what did happen in December. All I know is that I did not go running once and I did not make it to the gym. I ate badly and I had no energy and it all just collapsed under me.

But I am determined not to let this behaviour carry on for a further month. Being neglectful about exercise for two months in a row is long enough for me. My body has been screaming at me to stop treating it badly, and so this month, I AM (and already have) going to be better.

Thus far I have already been to the gym twice and been to two workout classes and it’s only been a week. This makes me incredibly happy and I’m already starting to feel better! Yay!

The Plan

These are going to be similar plans to December, because as you know, I didn’t meet them last month.

I aim to do four or five days of exercise per week (already on track for this at the moment, yay!)
– This will be a mix of going to gym, workout classes and swimming. (Running will be done on the treadmill until the weather gets better!)
To start eating more healthily again too. Less crisps and chocolate, more fruit and nuts!

The Goals

– For my body to get used to the workout classes so my muscles suffer less
– To be able to run on the treadmill non-stop for 30 minutes
– To be able to climb the three flights of stairs at work without feeling like I’m dying
– To try and lose half a stone

Let’s see if I can actually do this!

Are you doing anything to get back into or continue being in shape this month?


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