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Semi-Hiatus & Exciting New Project News

Hey Guys!

So if you haven’t noticed, I really haven’t posted much in the last two to three weeks and that is because I have been incredibly busy with work, writing, and working on a project! Unfortunately, however, it seems that my lack of posting is going to continue on for a little while longer because I’m approaching a deadline and I’m a little bit behind so I need to start dedicating all of my spare time to writing instead of reading and blogging!

That being said, I do still plan to post every now and again – such as having a few WoW’s to share and top tens and a review here and there, but this is just a warning to say for the next few weeks, I won’t be posting anywhere near as much as I used to!
This may carry on until November due to Netgalley November and Nanowrimo but we shall see.

And as for the exciting project news!

For the last few weeks, I have been collaborating with nine other UK bloggers and we have been working behind the scenes to bring to you a collab vlog channel; Bookish Brits.

What this has meant for me is doing a lot of graphics where I designed the channel art and the very first introductory video *below*, while others helped with setting up the account, twitter, sorting out the schedule, gathering ideas, and just doing even more organising. Until we are now all ready to just start airing all of our wonderful videos for you all!

And that is exactly what is happening now! So head on over to the channel (here) and watch Michelle’s intro video!

And to get you into the mood, check out the introductory trailer below!


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