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Small Comforts

Small Comforts

Life has a way of throwing a curveball at us, usually when we least expect it or when we’re already dealing with too many things. It can cause an already rocky ground beneath our feet to collapse from under us, forcing us to grasp the nearest wall to stop from falling to our deaths. Life, for some unknown and irritating reason, is hard. It’s not a walk in the park. We can always have our safety nets ripped away from us at any given moment. And thus, because of this and because of this recently happening to me, I wanted to write a little list about the small comforts I have that help keep me grounded.


Obviously, right? But honestly, without books to keep me comforted when reality is shaking beyond belief, I’m not sure how I’d survive. They give me a chance to escape whatever is happening around me. A reason to walk in someone else’s shoes for a little while. And, I have actually used a book that I was completely and utterly absorbed in to stop me from having a panic attack on a far-too crowded train before now so I will forever be grateful for the authors and publishers who create these wonderful pieces of art.

Films & Cinema

In the same way that books can help me escape, films are exactly the same way. The cinema even more so because in the cinema I get fully immersed in a film and I refuse to allow myself to check my phone and pull myself back to reality. Films are short stories that can make the world seem okay for just a short while.


Pure comfort food. I wish I knew exactly what it was about this food that makes me feel so comforted but mostly I just love it. It’s easy, it’s tasty, it’s warm and it’s doughy. I love it and I always crave it whenever the world around me is shaking. It can make me smile for a little while and that is definitely okay by me.


Ever noticed on Instagram or Twitter that I talk about coffee a lot? This is because it is my lifeline. Without it I am not so sure that I could function like a human being every single day. Before I have my coffee I am a zombie. I barely register what is happening around me and you may just get grunts as replies. Oftentimes it can also take me a fair few minutes to even understand what someone has said. So yes, coffee helps to keep me awake but coffee is also a big comfort for me. It’s a drink I love. It’s warm. It’s tasty and sometimes it feels like a hug in a cup.


While I don’t need tea to keep myself awake, I do love it. It’s pure comfort. When I feel ill, tea is needed. When I’m feeling a little down, tea is needed. After a long drive, tea is needed. Tea is simple. It’s warm, it’s tasty, and it feels you with a good feeling in you. I cannot really describe it but tea just makes everything better.

Ice Cream

When all else fails, Ice Cream is my go-to comfort food. All kinds of ice cream. Anything that is tasty and delicious and well, ice-cream flavored. This food is tasty, cold, and reminds me of Bridget Jones a lot but mostly there is just something about the cold dairy dish that fills me with happiness.


Lastly, but certainly not least, pyjamas and bed are a wonderful comfort to make me feel whole again. They’re warm. They’re cosy. They’re soft. They’re familiar. In a way, being in bed with the covers can feel like being wrapped up in a cocoon. It is somewhere safe. Somewhere where nothing can harm me. Plus, when all else really fails, I can just close my eyes and let sleep take me away to a completely new land.

So those are my small comforts that help me get through the awful things that life can sometimes throw my way.

What are some of your small comforts?


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