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So, you guys are just awesome! {Winners Announced!}

Hey Guys!
So, I’m amazingly overwhelmed as I sit down and type this out and I just really, really want to thank each and every one of you lovely souls. If I could give a prize to every single one of you, then I would! A week ago I had nearly 200 followers, now I have 256 (plus many more e-mail followers and subscribers) and I honestly cannot tell you how HAPPY that makes me. I appreciate every follow, every retweet, every “like”, every comment, everything. It sorta makes the whole blogging thing that little bit more special, you know? Like I’m not just doing it for no reason.
There was a whooping 693 entries into my giveaway and I was oh so happy with it all. Honestly, like you couldn’t believe. So yeah, THANK YOU to everyone who entered!
But, unfortunately, as much as I wish I could give you all a prize, I would never be able to afford it, so without further ado, the winners are;;

Sarah Bibi Setar won a book from the Iron Fey series.
She chose The Iron Knight

Denise Zaky won one of Megan Curd’s e-books.
She chose Forbidden

Kim Reid won a book of her choice from The Book Depository
She chose The Hunger Games

So go ahead and congratulate them if you wish to! I will be sending their books to them very shortly! :D

And if you didn’t win, feel free to pop over to my current giveaway to win Amethyst Eyes by Debbie Brown; here
Or keep an eye out for some other upcoming giveaways that I have planned for the future! :D

Thanks again guys, you truly are awesome!


  • Käthe (Good Lit and Green Tea)

    First of all, congratulations on all the followers, likes, retweets, etc., Sammie! I’m so happy that you’re happy, and that so many other people appreciate who you are and what you do!

    Second, congratulations to Sarah, Denise, and Kim for winning! I’ve fallen for the gambler’s fallacy already, hoping that if I keep trying, eventually I’ll win something… If only that were the case! Haha! Enjoy your books!

    Last, I love you, Faye! I hope you’re having a wonderful week! You totally deserve it!

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