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The Big Debate – Ebooks Vs Hard Copies.

So, today I am going to ‘tackle’ the big debate on the differences between e-books and hard copies. Or rather, what I mean, is that I am going to tell you all what I feel about it!
This debate is one that has been happening since ebooks became available on the market but it is also one that occurs in almost every other medium out there at the moment. Newspapers vs News websites, CDs vs MP3s, DVDs vs Blu-Rays vs Digital Copies, etc, etc. It seems that whenever something new is introduced, there will always be someone who prefers it being one way and someone else who likes it the new way. This is just the way life is, it’s what makes life interesting. And it is also why this debate will never end and why, most likely, there will always be both e-books AND paper copies, or at least, it won’t be changing any time soon!
Anyway, we’re here to discuss e-books.
So, it has been exactly one month since I got my Kindle (yay Christmas!) and so I thought that it would be nice to create a little post to show what my thoughts are on it and to find out what your experiences with e-readers are (if any!).
In all honesty, for years I have held a very strong ‘paperbacks all the way’ motto. I love the feel of paperbacks, I love the smell of paperbacks, I love holding paperbacks, I love bending paperbacks, I just love paperbacks and this is why it took me a fair few years before I finally twisted my arm and asked for a Kindle for Christmas. 
And I am glad that I did. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, i still adore paperbacks. I still prefer them to e-books but there is no denying the flexability that comes with an e-book. The ability to read it without your arm hurting from it’s weight. The ability to stand it up (I have an awesome cover that allows me to do this at any rate) and read while eating. The ability to travel with a hundred books at your fingertips. The ability to place all those books into seperate folders. Yes, the e-reader and e-books are very good and handy.
But then, at the same time, there are drawbacks.
There is no way to just skip ahead and see how many pages are left of the chapter (something I do religiously with paperbacks).
There is only a % to tell you how far you’re into the book which is good but not quite as nice as thinking that you’re on page 77 of 312. Not entirely sure why.
There is a possibility that if it gets wet, the e-reader will die and be unable to be fixed whereas a paperback can dry. It may never look or feel the same but it won’t be unreadable.
It is so much harder to share e-books. I know that this could come across agaisnt piracy rules somewhere but one of the best things about paperbacks (IMO) is the ability to share with your friends and family. Me and my mother are always swapping books and passing them along when we’re done with them and that way they continue to be loved. With e-books, once you own it, it’s yours. End of.
You can’t give it back. If you dislike a paperback or get one as a gift you know you’ll never read, there is always a chance to either exchange it, get your money back or hand it in to a charity shop, for example. This is not the case for e-books.
So while there are many good things about e-books and I am glad that I now have the kindle and can read on the move more easily. There are still so many drawbacks to them. Hopefully, however, these are things that will be changed in the future or things that won’t be massive problems due to just how much better e-books can become.
That said, I will probably never, ever, give up on paperback books. I just love them so much and I always try to read at least two paperbacks a month.
Which do you prefer? E-books? Paperbacks? Hardbacks? 
I’d love to hear your thoughts! :D


  • Ali (Winged Reviews)

    I have a kindle too. But I still love my paper backs and hard backs. Im of the opinion that I think you can love both. Kindle is good for reading on train, carrying around in my bag, taking many books on holiday. But like you say, printed copies you can skip forward and see how much chapter you have left, you can lend to a friend, looks nice on your shelf etc etc

  • Vanya D.

    I’ll tell you one more good thing about the kindle: it can read to you!!! Yes, you heard me! When my eyes are tired and all, I just switch to ‘text-to-speach’ and voila! I’m all set!
    For me, ebooks are more advantageous because of all your reasons and also because they’re kind of easier to get and cheaper. Besides, they don’t need huge space to collect them on.
    BUT I must confess that if I ever have the chance, I’d dedicate a whole room for a personal library and will stuff it full with paperbacks!!! :))

    • Daydreaming_Star

      Ahh, yeah, my Kindle’s not that special! Haha. But I also find it hard to fully listen to a book being read. Audio books… that’s another post altogether! Haha.

      Yeah, there are also a lot of freebie books you can get as well which would be difficult with paperbacks!

      But yeah, my dream house has one room dedicated to many hundreds of books and then one room dedicated to many hundreds of DVDs. hehee.


  • Melissa

    I don’t have a kindle and don’t really enjoy reading on the computer so, I am a hard copy girl all the way. The only issue is space. If I have a house someday I want a reading room with wall to wall shelves.

  • A. Knight

    It’s best to have both. The Kindle is good for some things that physical copies aren’t and vice versa. Either way, I wouldn’t ever stop actually BUYING the books because I love the feel and look of physical copies too darn much to stop collecting them.

    – Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

    • Daydreaming_Star

      Yeah, I think that’s where the line is drawn, between the people who read convienently and those that love reading so much they want the paperbooks as a souvenior as such.

      Like, I love books that have had their spines broken because it shows that the book has been shown a lot of love. You’d never be able to get that with an e-book! :D


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