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The Cinema Experience

Hey All!
Today I thought I would write a little discussion post about films and how I love to watch them! (I.e. Time to bring films back into the blog in more than just reviews!)

Going to the cinema used to be very popular. It used to be one of the only ways to see the new films coming out and it used to be an amazing, spectacular experience that people simply couldn’t get enough of. But, recently, cinema-going has dwindled. People are waiting for films to be released onto DVD or to become available to either download via iTunes or to be put up onto Netflix, Blinkbox or Lovefilm.

The main reason for this (I believe anyway, I have not done extensive research on it!) is how expensive it now is to see a film in the cinema. Nowadays tickets can cost up to £15 per person and up to £40 for an average family of four. But renting a DVD or even BUYING a DVD that you can watch over and over again can sometimes cost as little as £3. So why would you spend more than that in these economically hard times?

Personally, I would say because the cinema experience is STILL an experience. The screens are incredibly large, the sound crisp and loud, and the fun of sharing it not just with your friends but random strangers can sometimes enhance the film. (Ever find a film funnier because of other people laughing?) Plus, there’s no way to pause the film so the story is told in the continuous flowing motion it was meant to be told in.

But I also agree that while the experience is good, the expense can sometimes seem over-priced. Especially if you’re stuck with strangers who talk throughout it or you’re stuck with a moth in the screen above your very head. But I still think that going to the cinema once in a while is worthwhile.

Thus, I am very glad that I purchased a Cineworld Membership. I can now watch unlimited films for a small sum of money per month and even if I just watch two films a month, I get my money’s worth and I am so happy about it because I now go to the cinema once or twice a week and I have so missed the experience.

But this isn’t an advertising post so enough on that.

I do also enjoy watching films at home. I love being able to re-watch films at my leisure, to eat snacks, and go to the toilet if I’m desperate to do so. I like that when re-watching a film, I can do other things at the same time as well. And, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy using Netflix (though I do mostly watch TV Shows, there is usually a good film or two to watch as well!).

But essentially, for me, the cinema experience is always better. I just wish that it wasn’t quite so expensive so that more people felt that they can also go and enjoy the experience.

What about you? Do you prefer to watch a film in the comfort of your home or in the cinema surrounded by strangers?



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