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The Penny Challenge

The Penny Challenge

*Please note* This post has been sponsored – however all words and thoughts are my own.

Saving money is tough. As someone who is currently trying very hard to save money but failing miserably (it appears every month something extra needs paying for – blog domain, tax, car stuff, etc). So it’s been really difficult to keep extra money in the bank as I keep having to dive into my spare change for those annoying expenses!

Thus when I found out about The Penny Challenge I was instantly curious.

What was it all about?

So, the idea is, you save 1p for every day that accumalates. So on the 1st Jan you save 1p, on the 2nd Jan you save 2p. So on and so forth until on Dec 25th you put in £3.65.

Working in this way, by the end of the year you would have saved £667.95!

Now that may not seem like a lot to some but for someone who fails to save, this looks like a simple way to slowly build up the savings. I definitely think I’ll be giving it a try this year!

If you’re interested, you can find the Challenge with a handy graphic among many other cool things over at WOW Free Stuff.

How will you save money this year?

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