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Hi All!
I’m here today to show you my time capsule. Below is a list of what I would put in a time capsule to reflect on who I am today. This is to help spread the news about the book, The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood. More info on the book first!

The Square Root of Summer My heart is a kaleidoscope, and when we kiss it makes my world unravel . . .

Last summer, Gottie’s life fell apart. Her beloved grandfather Grey died and Jason left her – the boy to whom she lost her virginity (and her heart) – and he wouldn’t even hold her hand at the funeral! This summer, still reeling from twin heartbreaks, Gottie is lost and alone and burying herself in equations. Until, after five years absence, Thomas comes home: former boy next door. Former best friend. Former everything. And as life turns upside down again she starts to experience strange blips in time – back to last summer, back to what she should have seen then . . .

During one long, hazy summer, Gottie navigates grief, world-stopping kisses and rips in the space-time continuum, as she tries to reconcile her first heartbreak with her last.

Goodreads. Amazon UK.

My Time Capsule

It took me a while to think up some good items to put in my time capsule but here is just a few items that I’d place in it to capture who I am.

Photos of My Friends

A fair few of these. From photos with my friends at work – including those who have left. To photos with friends that live far away but that I see as often as I can, to blogger friends, to old school friends that I still have in contact. It would be an array of some great moments and memories that I’ve shared with them. A reminder that I am who I am today because of them.

My iPod

I take it with me everywhere. Whenever I’m alone and it’s socially acceptable, my earbuds are in and my music plays. Music which I haven’t updated in years. The same songs over and over again. Some are nostalgic, some I love, some I hate. But it is definitely a good reflection on who I am today.

Some Favourite Books

It would be super hard to pick but I would probably end up putting in the first Harry Potter, a Malorie Blackman book, a Cecelia Ahern book, a Claire McFall book, a Louisa Reid book, and maybe a few others… These are the authors that got me through to today, they have definitely helped shape who I am.

Cinema Tickets

I’ve actually been collecting my tickets this year, so that I can see how many times I go to the cinema within the year. So far it’s around 15 times, I think. I actually haven’t double checked. But it’s high. So if I just put a couple in the time capsule, it would definitely reflect who I am today.


They’re the only thing I wear. Wind, rain or shine, I will be seen in Jeans so it seems only natural to put a pair of these in the books to represent who I am.

Something to represent my family

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’d put something or a few things in to represent my family. I’m not sure what it would be. Maybe a keyring with our surname on or a family quote or something. Just something that would show that I appreciate my family and love how they’ve helped to shape the person I am today.

What would you put in a time capsule to represent who you are?


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