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Top Ten Tuesday; Ten Characters To Check In With

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is given and this weeks topic is Ten Characters You’d like to Check In With

As always, these aren’t in any particular order and some I’ve kind of cheated on as it’s a couple of characters from one book BUT I can do what I want so… *sticks out tongue*

And moving away from childishness, here are the characters I’d love to check in with.

I loved Cath in Fangirl and I thought the book ended in such a great way, but I would definitely love to know how Cath and Levi are both doing now. Are they still together? Did they graduate university? Get good jobs? Or has it all gone pear-shaped?

Lies Like Love
This story will forever sit on my favourites shelf as it is truly magnificent. But I would love to check in with Audrey and see how she’s coping with everything. I want to know if everything turned out for the best in the end, you know?

amy and roger2
There is nothing better than a roadtrip book, especially a roadtrip book where a relationship is born or strengthened in some way. I loved Amy & Roger’s story but I’d definitely be interested in finding out what happens next…

Boys Don't Cry
I love this book SO MUCH. And it should have a sequel, it deserves one. But mostly I just want to know how Dante is coping. Where has life taken him now?

The Forever Song
This book is one of my favourite ends to a trilogy ever but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to know how Alyson is dealing with life now. Everything is different and it would be so interesting to just get a quick update.

All of these boys had their own books and it was SO GOOD to be able to see how they’re getting on as the series progresses but I just found it so difficult to say Goodbye and I just want to keep reading about them. In fact, if there story could just never end, I’d be fine with that.

This book is so beautiful and lovely and brilliant and I love how Dylan and Tristan form their relationship. I also love the end of this book and how it leaves everything in the balance with a lot of hope too. But also… I would like to know where they ended up.

I well and truly loved this book and I thought all the characters in it were brilliant. But I would just love to know what these three characters are doing now it’s all over…

These two stole my heart in the best way. I was so happy when we got Lucas’ story and it wasn’t just the same story from his POV but now that it’s over, I would like to know more. Now that univeristy is over, how are things going for them? Has it all worked out like we so hope it would?

Aidan goes through such a magnificent journey in this book and I would love to pop into his life and see where he is now and how much has changed. And if I did that, I couldn’t exactly stop myself from having a look in on Cass too, could I?

Who would you like to check in with?



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