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Hey All!

So I maybe a little crazy for attempting this, especially as we’re getting ever so close to the big day – like eeek! – but I missed out on the TBTB Secret Santa as I had the date down wrong but I really want to gift some books to people, and hopefully get some in return ;). So I decided to host my very own UK Book Blogger Secret Santa!

The Rules

1. You must live in the UK.
I’m sorry if this seems harsh but as we’re nearing the big rush, postal times are increasing and I want to give people enough time as possible to find the perfect gifts for their picks.
2. Only sign up if you will definitely send a present.
I don’t have enough money to send presents to x amount of people because their santa didn’t bother. If you’re running late with your present, it’s fine but you MUST LET ME KNOW so that I can inform your pick that it’s late but on it’s way.
3. There is a minimum spend of £14.
This is the price of two paperback books, but obviously you can send one book and a gift or pick some deals on the books and send more than two. It’s completely up to you but you have to be willing to spend at least £14 on your gifts.
4. Presents much be sent by 14th December.
This is just so that they arrive on time!
5. You must show me your proof of delivery.
This can just be a photo of your receipt that it has been sent, but I need to see something so I can mark you off the big spreadsheet.
6. When you sign up, I am trusting you to abide by all of these rules and actually send your gift.
Please don’t break my trust in you.
7. And FINALLY, you are more than welcome to send any ARCs or second hand books in your parcel but PLEASE only send them if they’re in excellent condition (i.e. don’t look as though they’ve been read 100 times before.)

The Hashtag

Because who doesn’t love photos of wrapped gifts and unwrapped gifts? If you want to share that you just found the perfect gift or let your secret santa know that your gift has arrived, you can do so using the hashtag;


Remember the Thought

When you receive your gift, remember that it is the thought that counts. Not everyone has all the money in the world and may not have been able to afford to buy you two books and send you four old ARCs too like you did for your pick but someone put effort into getting you a gift and that is what matters, right? Right.


Sign Up!

Like the rules? Happy to join in?


Just fill in the contact form below and I will e-mail you back with a little questionnaire to fill out. If I don’t e-mail you, let me know and I’ll try and find out what happened!

Closing Date: 22nd November 2015
Any sign ups after this date will be ignored, sorry!


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