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Who Is Emmeline Widget? by Sinead O’Hart

Who Is Emmeline Widget? by Sinead O’Hart

Today I am delighted to welcome Sinead O’Hart on to the blog with a brilliant guest post about her main protagonist; Emmeline Widget!

Who Is Emmeline Widget?

Emmeline Mary Widget is the heroine of my novel, The Eye of the North. She has been raised by parents who were somewhat hands-off, because – at least, as Emmeline has always suspected – they didn’t like her very much. The truth is, of course, rather more complicated than that. As a result of Emmeline’s strange, lonely upbringing in a house filled with odd animals and artefacts from her parents’ overseas expeditions, she is suspicious and cautious, and she tends toward anxiety and over-thinking. She likes her own company, and reading is her favourite thing to do. She is logical, rational, and scientifically-minded, and she’s not sure how to make or keep a friend – though when she gets the chance to meet another child, she makes such a good friend that he does his best to help her when things go wrong, at great risk to himself. She finds it hard to show her emotions, but when the people she loves are threatened, her loyalty, bravery and strength come to the fore. She is fierce as a lion, and courageous enough to face the most terrifying Creature she has ever heard of or seen – and when it comes down to it, she always tries to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.

About the Book

Emmeline Widget has never left Widget Manor – and that’s the way she likes it. But when her scientist parents mysteriously disappear, she finds herself being packed off on a ship to France, heading for a safe house in Paris. Onboard she is befriended by an urchin stowaway called Thing. But before she can reach her destination she is kidnapped by the sinister Dr Siegfried Bauer.

Dr Bauer is bound for the ice fields of Greenland to summon a legendary monster from the deep. And he isn’t the only one determined to unleash the creature. The Northwitch has laid claim to the beast, too. Can Emmeline and Thing stop their fiendish plans and save the world?

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About the Author

Sinéad O’Hart was born on a long-ago Monday in one of the many corners of Ireland. She grew up – not very far up, to be honest – with one brother and two parents, in a small house full of books. She always wanted to be an author, but somehow managed to wander through a variety of careers (including butcher, bookseller, and university lecturer, among others) before finally listening to the small voice inside which whispered, rather irritably: ‘would you ever just write, you dope?’

So, she did, and her first book, THE EYE OF THE NORTH, is forthcoming from Knopf Books for Young Readers in 2017 and Stripes Publishing/Little Tiger Books in 2018. Ideas are stacking neatly up in her brain for many more stories, which will hopefully find themselves bound between covers some day soon. When not writing she can be found trying to stop her baby from climbing the curtains, reading, or (unsuccessfully) attempting to sleep.

She lives with one husband and one energetic youngster in the midlands of Ireland, in a small house full of books.

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