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Hey Guys! 
So, despite the title of this blog post, I’m afraid I have no news of me actually being accepted anywhere! I wanted a catchy title and that is what I came up with! What this page is about is the film Accepted (2006) and how it helped me.
 Okay, so, I actually don’t remember when I first saw this movie. I know that I bought the DVD when it was on offer and bought it because I love Justin Long and Blake Lively but I certainly didn’t buy it thinking that I would love it just as much as I do. Needless to say, this film is probably one of my ultimate favourite movies and while it doesn’t have outstanding cedentials and it certainly isn’t an oscar-worthy film, it is one that I just absolutely love.
But why?
Well, this film is about a guy who is rejected from every single college he applies to and then, when his parents tell him that he’s throwing his life away, he decides that he wants to make them proud and so he creates a false website with a false acceptance letter. And his parents all believe it to be true, great right?
It all seems to be going smoothly until his father hands him his first semesters tuition and says “I can’t wait to drop you off.” – oh hello bomb drop! What will he do now?
The rest of the film is then how he manages a university. It is full of fun, humour, emotion and just good bits. It leaves you feeling happy and alive and glad for the main protagonist and his adventure of being accepted. It’s entertaining and light and fluffy and just a really easy to watch film.
But, that is not what I’m really wanting to focus on here. I want to tell you all how this film has helped me over the years, and the real reason that it is one of my all time favourite films.
This film is all about creativity. It’s about grasping your dreams and not letting them disappear from under you. It helped me realise that if I really want something in my life then I need to work out. Of course, I already knew this, but this film just sort of sparked it within me again. If I want to be a published author one day, I have to work at it. If I want to write film scrips one day, I have to work at it. Nothing is ever going to be handed to me on a plate but with a little motivation and a lot of practice, maybe one day my “dreams” can come true. 
This what this film reminds me of. It reminds me that sometimes things are more possible then you first thought. While dreams don’t always come true, it is never the case that they never come true. For some people, it happens, but it usually isn’t because they sat back and waited, it’s because they took a hold of their lives and actually did something. That is what I want to do with my life. It is why I went to a sixth form college instead of staying at secondary school, it is why I went to Canada for my gap year and why I went to University afterwards, it is why I want to stay for another year, if not more. I want to take full advantage of my life and everything that it has to offer, I want to make my dreams a reality but I can’t do that without a little work. 
Lately I’ve been struggling with myself, struggling with my uni work and struggling to really find the motivation to get things done. The only exception being this blog but this has been such an overwhelming love for me that it really is a different topic altogether! Then, last sunday, two of my friends came round for dinner and we ended up watching Accepted, and suddenly I remembered who I was, where I wanted to go and why I wanted to go there. While my motivation is still a little on the bottom of the lake, though I believe this is more to do with lack of sleep then anything, I am not going to give up. I am going to work around this obstacle and continue going.
After all, how can I come this far in my life, only to give it all up and throw it all away?
I now want to take this moment to tell all of you to continue aspiring towards your dreams. I don’t care if you’re five or fifty, it is never too late to work and just try to achieve them. Maybe you feel they’re not realistic, but if you tweak them slightly, they just might be. I may never be a published author or a scriptwriter but I can try to be an article writer, or post short stories on a blog. The options aren’t closed off to us all. All we need to do is fight, work hard and never give up. Don’t throw away the towel when it gets tough, just take a minute to remember how far you’ve come and ask if you’re willing to call it all a waste of time!
So, take a stand with me, and let’s follow our dreams. Let’s get Accepted!
And because it’s one of my favourite lines from the film;
“We’re Sh*theads now, and we’ll be Sh*theads forever!”
**I also urge everyone to go and see this film if you haven’t already!
what are your hopes and dreams?


  • Brodie

    I thought *I* had been accepted for some top secret, badass ninja mission or something. And while I was pretty crushed when I learned this wasn’t a post promising undercover ninja ops, I’m so glad you hooked me in with your catchy title because in all seriousness, this post is SO inspiring! <3

    You totally nailed it. The message to follow your dream and that you actually need to put in the effort if you want those dreams to come true. Because I think that’s often so easy for us to forget sometimes…. we dream and dream and don’t take that leap forward to actually set the dream in motion. Because WE are in control of our lives and if you want something, you’ve got to give it all you’ve got.

    I am so glad this movie enouraged you in life and encouraged you AGAIN more recently. I NEED to check this out soon!! Amazing post, you lovely talented thing. You’re going to make it big in life, mark my words :)

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