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You Know You Have Too Many Books When…

Hey Guys!
Here’s a fun post for you all. Please feel free to add your own in the comments! :D

You literally have no space left on the four bookcases you own and no more space for a fifth bookcase.

Despite full bookcases, you still have books in piles on the floor, on the table, on chairs, in the tv cabinet…

You buy a book and then realise you have to return it as you actually already have it sitting unread on your shelf.

You know there is no way you will ever find the time to read them all … but you still buy more.

You can literally spend hours staring at all the pretties … when, you know, you could be reading them.

It can take you a few days to decide what to read next because there are SO MANY CHOICES.

Your friends come over and not only marvel at your collection but say “Wow. It’s like a library/bookshop in here.”

You know you’ve lent books to people but you don’t know what to whom but you’re not too worried as you won’t run out of reading material anytime soon…

“Spending a night in a bookshop” isn’t a cool prize to win because you basically do that everyday anyway.

Your non-booksih friends and family members refuse to buy you books for presents because they do not believe you need any more.

Your bookish friends don’t buy you books because they have no idea what books you already own and don’t know how to check.

Your most common phrase is “I have that, I just haven’t read it yet.”

Do you agree?
Is it even possible to have too many books?
Anything else to add?

Tell me in the comments!


9 thoughts on “You Know You Have Too Many Books When…

  1. Love this post – too true!

    I have so many books my friends don’t come in for coffee, they come round to ‘browse’. My children tell me there are more books in our house than in the local library – they lend books to their friends and stamp them in/out!

  2. YES! Seriously, the having to return a book because you find out you already own it, that’s just sad, right? I do that a lot. Or sometimes I’ll buy an ebook version and realize later (too late to return it) that I already have a print copy. Oops.

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