365 Days of Being Grateful

Hi All!
Today I want to talk to you all about something that I plan to do next year which is inspired by the 100 days of happiness and the jars of happy moments.

Every year around this time I see that image of the jar and am reminded of the people that buy a jar and write down things that have made them happy throughout the year and place it in the jar. Then they open it at the end of the year to be reminded of all the happy things that happened that year – as a way to look past all the negative things.

And so this year I decided to do something similar but also a little bit different. This year I want to make sure that every single day, I take a small moment to remind myself of something that I’m grateful for. I’ll post it on my Facebook or my twitter and let it sit there.

Then when the end of the year comes, I should hopefully have 365 things to be grateful for. And the year after next, I’ll look through my Facebook memories and be reminded of all the things I’m grateful for.

Why not happy moments?
Because, to me, while happy moments are incredible, remembering them can cause sadness because they’re not here any more. However, when we’re grateful for things, we can transform negative emotions into positive ones and I am hoping that by being grateful for one thing every day for 365 days, I’ll be a more positive person by the end of it all.

It’s certainly worth a try, at any rate.

If you’d like to join me, I’m going to be using the hashtag #365gratefuldays

And I just might do monthly recaps on the blog too. Do you think you’d like to see that?

And before I go…

What Are You Grateful For This Holiday Season?


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