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#ARCAugust & #TheReadingQuest Updates!

#ARCAugust & #TheReadingQuest Updates!

Hello All!

I thought it was about time to update you all on my reading for the month – what with it almost being over! I participated in two different challenges this month. The first was #ARCAugust which obviously ends at the end of the month so I’ll do a wrap up when it is all over! The second is #TheReadingQuest which ends on the 10th September so I don’t have that much longer for that challenge either!

So… how have they been going?


I set out at the beginning of August with a goal to read eight titles this month.

I have read: three books in their entirety and I DNF’d two books as well. I have also started two other books but I do not think I’ll be able to finish the last two books this month but I think I did pretty well on this considering how absolutely awful August has been for me!



Just Started


So as well as being a challenge, this is also a bit of a game so I’m going to try and work out my points now as well.

For this challenge I was following the Knight path.

Thus far I have read one book for this challenge and have started two more books. I have intentions to finish both of these and hopefully a third before this week ends as well. Wish me luck!


Currently Reading

Starting Soon


Experience Points
Start at: 10EXP
One Finished Book: +10

Current Level: One
Points: 20 EXP

Health Points
Start at: 10HP
Pages Read: 33HP
Social Media: 2HP
Photos: 2HP

Total so far: 47HP

How are are your #ARCAugust and #TheReadingQuest challenges going? (Or any other challenge you’re doing this month!)

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