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August Monthly Wrap Up


So I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to start doing monthly wrap-ups on the blog but have eventually decided that in an effort to keep my blog more organised, to keep on top of challenges and to do a nice re-cap of the month for you all, that I would do them :-). Therefore, this post will be set out like my weekly highlights post, split into headings in an attempt to keep everything organised easily :D

Monthly Highlights

Well, I haven’t really been around much this month so I don’t have many highlights to share with you all but also I wanted to do something a little differently this month and see if it works. Normally I would also create a video at the end of the month telling you about the books I read and a small bit about how I felt about each one. Well, this month I thought I would do that on here instead. Just to see whether or not it works!

The only post I want to highlight this month is the Book Blogger UKYA Awards Shortlist Voting!
It is YOUR chance to vote for your favourites! You can do so here.

Books Read

This month I read nine books which I’m actually really pleased about as I was still really busy so go me! *waves mini flag*

Where Love Lies Where Love Lies is an adult book and it was really refreshing to move away from YA for a little while. I really loved this story, it was so different and unique. It was gripping and heart-breaking, and there was this pull of curiosity running the whole way through the book as well. The ending was incredibly sweet and lovely and I just adored reading this book!

Two Boys Kissing Toy Boys Kissing was very different to what I thought it was going to be. I was worried it wasn’t going to be as good as people said it was and it was going to be more political and more about the history of things but actually, this was a lovely modern story laced with history. It was unique in its style and really gripped me. I loved the style of the book with the story focussing on lots of little mini-stories surrounding one big one. It was just such a brilliant story that everyone should read.

Shadow and Bone This was one that I was scared to start because so many people LOVED it and told me that I HAD to read it and nothing scares me more than unanimous recommendations! Fortunately though, I did really enjoy this book. I loved the writing style, I loved the story, and I adored the characters a lot. It was gripping, intense, and held such an interesting plot! To read my full review of this book, click here.

Pretenders This book annoyed me SO MUCH. It was hard to get into because there were five characters and some were quite similar. Then, I finally got the hang of the style and who the different characters were and the story was getting for intense and interesting and then it just ENDED. Right in the middle of all that tension with NO RESOLUTION. It frustrated me to no end. I HATE when books do this. Why should I put in all that investment to not getting anything from it? Yeah, it was not a good way to end a story.

Four Four was a really nice book to read. It was really great to dive back into the world of Divergent and have a chance to devour Veronica Roth’s writing style again. On top of all of that, I absolutely loved learning more about Four and his past and how he came to be who he is in the series. It was just a really lovely, light read that I would recommend if you love Four! I have written a full review of this which can be found here.

murder most unladylike If you’re looking for a fun, easy read then I would definitely recommend Murder Most Unladylike! This book was a middle-grade book that pulled me in quickly. I loved the dynamics of the main two protagonists and how differently they view the world and the investigation. I enjoyed the boarding school setting and all the suspicions and mystery surrounding the whole book. It was a lovely book and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series! A review of this will be going up on the blog soon!

Hi So Much Hi So Much is another fun, light-hearted read that I really enjoyed. This is the second book in the Darcy Burdock series and it’s just as good as the first! In this one Darcy is about to start her first day at big school and everything is changing. I really enjoyed the humour in this one and loved the little stories scattered throughout. She has a little bit more of a grown-up tone in this book but she’s still little old Darcy! I think this book had a little more depth too but know that kids would still really enjoy it.

A Crack in the Line This book was actually a re-read for me. I read this book when I was a teenager but only ever read the first and second book in the trilogy – as the third hadn’t even been released yet! – but as I STILL remembered what happens, I decided I wanted to re-read them so that I can finally finish the series and know how it all ends. Regardless, this book was just as good as I remember it. Truly unique, quick to read, intense, and full of emotions. It raises some very interesting questions and I would highly recommend it!

little lies Now this was an intense read! Very suspenceful, very emotional, a book that will definitely pull on your heart-strings! I loved it, incase you missed that! It really pulled me into the story and kept me there. The style was truly engaging and entertaining and it was a struggle to put the book down and carry on with normal life because I NEEDED to know what had happened, what was going to happen and where it would all lead. It was a marvellous read and I know I’ll be reading The Husband’s Secret soon!

So those were all the books I got around to reading this month! Have you read any of them? Do you think you will? And what do you think about my new monthly wrap-up? Let me know ALL in the comments below!
Look forward to chatting with you!



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