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Author Interview: Kalyn Josephson

The Crow Rider by Kalyn Josephson

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Today is my stop on the The Crow Rider blog tour and I am here today with an interview with Kalyn Josephson for you all.

Title: The Crow Rider
Author: Kalyn Josephson
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Published: 1st August 2020
Format: Paperback
Add It: Waterstones. Goodreads.
Summary: The thrilling conclusion to the epic Storm Crow duology that follows a fallen princess as she tries to bring back the magical elemental crows taken from her people, perfect for readers who want fantasy books for teens.

Thia, her allies, and her crow, Res, are planning a rebellion to defeat Queen Razel and Illucia once and for all. Thia must convince the neighboring kingdoms to come to her aid, and Res’s show of strength is the only thing that can help her.

But so many obstacles stand in her way. Res excels at his training, until he loses control of his magic, harming Thia in the process. She is also pursued by Prince Ericen, heir to the Illucian throne and the one person she can’t trust but can’t seem to stay away from.

As the rebel group prepares for war, Res’s magic grows more unstable. Thia has to decide if she can rely on herself and their bond enough to lead the rebellion and become the crow rider she was meant to be.


What is your favourite thing about writing books?
I love creating new magic, locations, cultures—all of it! It’s part of why I’m drawn to Fantasy over other genres.

Who is your favourite character in your book and why?
Definitely Kiva, though Thia and Res are close seconds. I just love how blunt and honest she is. There’s no guile, no manipulation. What you see is what you get.

What is your favourite drink to consume while writing?
Tea, preferably breakfast tea!

Do you have any bad habits while you’re writing?
Rushing! I prefer editing over drafting, and sometimes I’ll speed through something knowing it needs to be done differently, or be more developed, but I’m so set on completing a certain scene or chapter that I just want to get to the end. Usually I end up having to revise those sections a lot.

How did you research your book?
The only research I really needed to do was on flight mechanics and weapons technology. I knew a lot about crows and their behavior already, though I did check on a couple things. Mostly I wanted the aerial aspects of the book to be as accurate as I could make them, and for the weapons they’d developed to be too. I also did a bit of sailing research since the first third of TCR takes place on a ship!

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I used to say I was somewhere in between, but I’ve been gravitating more and more toward plotting. Some of TCR’s plot snuck up on me, and since then I’ve been wanting to know more of my overarching story before writing earlier stages.

If you could live in any fictional world, which would you choose and why?
Avatar the Last Airbender! There’s a lot to love about it, but in particular the integration of all the cool animals into their society, plus the ability to bend elements. I’d love to be a water or airbender.

If you could befriend any fictional character, who would you choose and why?
Lila Bard, from A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC by V.E. Schwab. Aside from being a total badass who I feel like would take me on some seriously cool adventures, I’m also confident she could keep me alive through them.

About the Author

Kalyn Josephson is a fantasy writer living the California Bay Area. She loves books, cats, books with cats, and making up other worlds to live in for a while. THE STORM CROW is her debut novel.

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