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Behind The Blog #12 – The Ultimate Dessert


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I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves ice cream right? What’s your favorite flavor? What’s your best memory associated with ice cream? Have you ever tried a flavor that you absolutely hated?
In relation to books: Do you like characters that are plain, simple “vanilla” types or do you like characters that are a little more complex and  flavorful? What flavor of ice cream  would you characterize your all time favorite book character as and why?

I have always been one of those people who has a savoury tooth as opposed to a sweet tooth. I would much rather have a starter than a dessert. The only exception to this rule is with ice cream. This simple, yet extremely tasty dessert is just one that I will always be in the mood for. Be it rain, or shine, I am always quite happy to have myself some ice cream.

But what is the best thing about this glorious dessert?

It comes in thousands of different flavours! Of course, being human, I don’t like every flavour but just the fact that there is such a variety is just brilliant. It is just so easy to know that somewhere out there is a flavour that is perfect for you!

So… I know you’re all wondering… what is my favourite flavour?

I could sit here and tell you chocolate! Or, I could sit here and say vanilla! But really both would be lies and the whole point of my blog is to be honest, right? My favourite ice cream flavour is, and probably always will be, toffee! Mmmm. There is just something about that glorious flavour that always makes me fall in love. It is simply amazing.

But I do love chocolate, and I do love vanilla, and I love them put together too, but toffee just steals my heart all the time. Of course, if we’re sidestepping away from normal and plain flavours, there is one ice cream company that will always stand out above all the others. It is unique, it is original, it is creative and, by jove, it is extremely tasty. I am, of course, talking about… Ben & Jerry’s! This ice cream will win my choice every time. Favourites include Phish Food, Caramel Choo Choo and Cookie Dough! :D

What ice cream do YOU like to eat?

I love, love, love characters that are full of flavour! I love characters that have true depth and emotions that pull them into so many different directions. Vanilla characters are boring to read, aren’t they? For me anyway. When I think of vanilla characters I can’t help my mind turning to Bella Swan in Twilight. A girl who has no depth, and lives her entire life for a guy she only just met. Bleugh.

One of my favourite characters of all time, Neville Longbottom, is definitely not a vanilla character! With that much strength, intelligence and bravery, how could he be but one flavour? As odd as it sounds, Neville reminds me of Phish Food because he is hard with a soft gooey centre – awwwh.

Another character that comes to mind is Caelena Sardothian, one hell of a kickass heroine in Throne of Glass, who is the complete opposite of vanilla! She is fiery, stubborn, determined, strong and vain and I just love her so much! To me I could see her as a mix between Macademia Nut ice cream and Honeycomb flavour ice cream! She’s strong but she has her weaknesses too. A brilliant protagonist!

But now that you’ve got to here, why don’t you join us!
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  • alexandrasscribblings

    I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never had Ben & Jerry’s. My two best friends and I used to occasionally go to an ice-cream place a few suburbs away called Frangipani’s and they had heaps of awesome flavours. Like Snickers bar ice-cream. Or Ferrero Rochere. Why can I only think of the chocolate ones?
    And re characters – Bella was the one who first came to my mind when I thought vanilla character too! Ah, Twilight.

  • Melissa

    I love that we both picked HP characters!

    And I’d agree that’s a perfect flavor for Neville Longbottom. I’ve never heard of or tried honeycomb flavored ice cream but it sounds delicious!

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