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Behind The Blog #36; It’s Cold Outside


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It’s been chilly, at least here where I live, although we don’t get snow. What sorts of activities do you like to do to enjoy winter? Do you enjoy outside activities, or do you prefer to stay inside where it’s warm?
In relation to books and media, what are some books or movies where winter fun is a key component? Are there any books or movies that have odd/unusual or unique ideas for winter fun?

Without going to the easy answer and admitting that I like to read and watch movies in the winter – because we all know I do that year round – I will happily admit that I love to ski. I am not about to sit here and tell you what a pro-skier I am and how I am so super legendary that I can run blacks with my eyes closed, because that would be an outright lie. In fact, I’m still pretty basic when it comes to skiing because I haven’t actually done it for very long – not like some people – and I don’t have that natural ability for the sport that my little sister does either. (I have a large feeling it’s to do with the way my hips were born and how amazingly uncomfortable it is for me to ski with my legs closed (haha, right?), as I have a natural stance that has my legs going out then in. – difficult to explain without showing you!)

But, while I’m not a pro-skier, and while I’m still a basic skier (who gets absolutely terrified when looking at some slopes), I can’t stop myself from truly loving the sport. Just being able to snow plough down a mountain, or parallel ski across one (:p), makes my adrenaline pump, builds my spirits up and just makes me really enjoy myself. It’s quite hard to explain why I love this sport so much when I’m really not that great at it – and since I have twisted my knee once while doing it – but all I know is that it’s one of those sports you can do alone and still really enjoy every damn second of the day.

This is why I cannot wait to get my sorry behind back to Canada. It is why I would rather live there or in Australia, or well, anywhere in Europe, as opposed to being stuck in England where it costs hundreds of pounds just to get to a snowy mountain for a week, without adding the costs of all the equipment needed for it. I would love to have the opportunity to ski throughout the entirety of the winter season (like I did in Canada four years ago), because that was truly the best six months of my life and I really could imagine my life continuing that way for many, many years. Because let’s face it, as pretty as snow is in England, it’s just not the same when you can’t get your ski’s out and have some fun!

Of course, what I’m getting at is that I can’t ski all the way through the winter and so I have to find something else to do while it’s cold. I do still read a lot, and watch a lot of television and movies, but I also find that I love to swim. This, again, is something that you can do year round but I have found that I love it most in the winter. I love the idea of being warm inside while I do lengths and then having enough body heat from it that when I step outside I don’t feel the cold as mmuch as I did before. I like the idea of feeling the cold in a different way after I’ve been swimming. And it’s also nice to feel that rush of the cold water after being outside in the cold and knowing that in truth, the water is still warmer than the air! But, once again, I cannot really describe in good detail why I love to swim in the winter, I think it’s just a feeling I get.

I really struggled to think of books that are set wholly in the winter, or ones that show people having fun in the winter that I’ve read recently or remember reading from way back when so instead, this BTB is just going to involve three movies about winter, or set in winter, that I love!


Chalet Girl; As soon as I watched this, I instantly loved it. Snowboarding, skiing, love, fun, english humour? What’s not to love? This is one film I could happily watch again, and again, and again…

Rise of the Guardians; Only saw this a week ago and I really liked it! This is the kind of film that I love watching. It made me feel all gooey and happy! Can’t wait to purchase this one on DVD!

Snow Dogs; I love this film! I remember watching it years and years ago and I just love the whole film. I always wanted to go dog sledding (and still do!) and this just made me want to go even more!

Other mentionable films; Ice Age (all of them), Eight Below (*wipes tear*), Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually…, The Family Stone, The Holiday

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  • Jessica

    I can’t ski if my life depended on it. Which is a pity because I live less than 20 minutes from a ski resort and all my friends call and ask “ski this weekend?” Nope. Sorry. LOL!

    As for a sled dog-I have a husky. The summer is terrible for shedding and you have to brush her at least twice a day. Even then you find chunks of fur everywhere. We’ve had a very mild winter and she’s starting to shed earlier than usual. They also aren’t the best guard dogs. Panda would invite robbers and offer them a beer and tell them where the valuables are. I do adore her though. She makes me laugh.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      I totally get that skiing isn’t for everyone but you can’t imagine how jealous I am of you right now! Haha. But I think if I continuously lived by a ski mountain, I probably wouldn’t take enough advantage of it, you know?

      Awwwh, yay for Huskies! She sounds like such a cute little doggy as well. I can’t have a dog here cause my mum is allergic but I love them so much <3 hehe. Glad you get to enjoy her :)

      Thanks so much for commenting lovely :)

  • Alexa Y.

    I’m TERRIBLE at skiing. I’m that girl who’s arms are flailing and who is tumbling over and over again in the snow… Anyway. In terms of winter activities, my favorites are ice skating (which I’m actually better at!) and winter walks ;)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Haha, you can’t be any worse than my big sister! But she now refuses to go skiing now because she fell over and hurt herself :-(
      But I love ice-skating as well! I just haven’t done it in years!! Annd when there are pretty things to see, winter walks are pretty magical too.
      Thanks for commenting Alexa :-) xxx

  • Clover

    Aww, Chalet Girl, what a cheesy but fun film :) I think you posted this on the day it snowed? N and I couldn’t think of any fun-in-the-snow films to snuggle up with and watch either, so we stuck in The Day After Tomorrow! Ha. That isn’t at all fun-in-the-snow! But Jake Gyllenhaal is super cute in it :)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Yes! Agree completely! As I said, I still can’t parralel ski and I went skiing for six months, but then I also didn’t mind not perfecting my skills as I kind of LIKED just enjoying the green runs. The blue ones STILL scare me. haha.

      If you enjoy it, why ruin that? :D

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