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Blogger Spotlight! – Eleusianian Mysteries!

blogger spotlight!
BRODIE! (Eleusinian Mysteries)
Hi Guys! So, one idea I came up with for my blog is to have monthly blogger spotlight’s! At first I came up with the idea that this would just involve a blogger interview but upon doing some thinking I’ve decided to make it a bit more interactive then that!
So, basically, the bloggers that I choose (and who can agree or disagree) to be spotlighted on my blog will have their link (and button if they have one) on the top of my sidebar of this blog for an entire month. This means that they will constantly be on show to you, my adorable followers and you will know how much I adore all of them! 
Throughout the month I will post a few posts here and there involving them, (reviews, posts they’ve recently posted, general thoughts about them as a blogger, and, ultimately, an INTERVIEW) which will give you followers the chance to love them just as much as I do, or at the very least will give you the opportunity to pop over to their blogs and have a look for yourselves!
If you haven’t guessed it already, the second blogger I have chosen for this is Brodie from Eleusinian Mysteries Of Reading!
I have known Brodie for about… seven years now and I cannot put into words how much I absolutely ADORE this girl. I officially met her on a HP roleplaying forum and then we set up our very own forum (albeit it didn’t last very long but we tried!). Over the years we kept in contact but it was few and far between until finally I was persuaded (by her constant tweets and her super amazing blog) to create my book blog. Oh yeah, she was my main inspiration for this place! Now, with similiar things in common, we talk practically daily and I couldn’t be happier with this awesome turn of events as she is really one of the best people I know!
Not to mention she has extremely similiar tastes to me so if she recommends a book, I generally know I will love it and try to buy it!
Oh, and her blog is pretty awesome too. Figured I should probably mention that as well!
So, don’t miss this opportunity to go check out her blog and give her some love! She deserves it!
And watch out for my posts this month for more news about her and posts from her and all of that awesome stuff that will be coming your way! :D
**if you would like to be considered to be a blog spotlighter, feel free to e-mail me! (address in “contact me” above)


  • Sarah (saz101)

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh my goodness, I LOVE that you guys met in a Harry Potter Role Playing FORUM! This is just… WOW. TOO. AWESOME.

    Teeheheheheeeee! I can’t help giggling. It rocks XD

  • Brodie

    Awww! I am so nostalgic. I miss Sasha! <333 When you say seven years, it sounds INSANE. I can’t believe it was that long ago! Time really does fly!

    And yes, we clearly both have amazing taste in books, m’dear! :D Thank you so much for letting me having my very own, ridiculously awesome star and featuring me on your blog. You know you rock, you know I love you, but I’ll say it again because I like watching your ego swell. YOU ROCK. I LOVE YOU!

  • goodlitandgreentea

    I totally had a feeling you would put the spotlight on Brodie this month! I guess it’s the fact that I’ve been seeing you guys comment back and forth to each other since forever. I mean, even back when I added you on Twitter ages ago, I’d always see your tweets to each other. I found them really cute! She’s a natural choice!

    Can’t wait to see what the two of you have got in store for us this March!

    P.S. Meeting her on a HP roleplaying forum… This sounds crazily familiar. ;) Oh, I love you two. ♥

    – Käthe @ Good Lit and Green Tea

  • Celine

    Everybody loves BRODIE!!! ♥ YAY!

    I can’t believe you guys met 7 years ago! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!

    And what’s even more awesome is that you guys met in a HP forum!!!

    Like everyone, YOU GUYS ROCK! ♥

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