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Blogoversary; Daphne Interview


Hey Guys!
So today I am really excited to introduce you all to the wonderful Daphne from Winged Reviews. I met Daphne over a year ago – I think – and it was one of the best things that’s happened to me in a while. Daphne is someone I’m incredibly glad to call a friend. She’s really supportive, friendly, and just someone I can always chat with and am just always happy to have around. So I’m really glad she agreed to be interviewed by me for all of you! Hope you enjoy her answers!

Let’s start with some basics. What is your name and the name of your blog?
Hi, I’m Daphne and my blog is called Winged Reviews.

How long have you been blogging?
Almost two years!

Do you remember the very first post that you wrote for your blog?
Yes, it was a review of the very first book I got accepted for on NetGalley, called Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett. I really enjoyed it!

Does your blog have a set schedule?
No, not really. I try to post something every week day, or at least 4 times a week. I will usually do Top Ten Tuesday or Waiting on Wednesday but I’m fairly flexible as I like to accommodate blog tours and other things that may come up.

Do you know, roughly, how much time you spend blogging?
Too much? I read probably two hours a day on average while commuting, and probably take 2-3 hours or so to write/schedule posts every week.

If you receive them, or even if you don’t, what are your views on ARCs?
I like receiving ARCs. There’s something so special about getting the rare opportunity to read a book before everyone else does. It’s a wonderful perk and I’m grateful to publishers for them. I’m also a pretty slow blogger, i.e. it takes me months sometimes before I’ll write a review of something I’ve read, so reading the books well in advance of the release date helps me get the reviews out at the right time!

How would you say blogging has changed your interaction with authors?
I feel a lot more comfortable around authors, as generally they are a wonderful, friendly bunch. When I first started going to book signings and book events (I still remember meeting George R.R. Martin about 7 years ago in Nottingham), I was a nervous wreck! Authors really are like superstars to me, and being a blogger and getting to speak and interact with them on a daily basis is something I’m really thankful for.

What about publishers?
I’ve loved meeting the people who work for publishers (editors, people in marketing and PR) about as much as meeting authors. It’s made me realise what a cool industry it is to work or be involved in, as people are lovely and genuine and all have a true passion for books!

Do you think you’d still read blogs if you didn’t blog yourself?
Absolutely. I read them before I blogged and would still read them if I ever decided to stop blogging. Where else am I going to find all my cool book recs?

And finally, do you have anything to say about vlogs? Do you vlog? Do you watch vlogs?
I don’t vlog, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. I do watch them (not many, but a few friends), and I think they are great for short summaries and wrap-ups as you don’t have to write a full blown review. Unfortunately, I’m quite clumsy at stringing words together (I tend to uhm and ahh a lot), so I think writing works better for me than talking. I will probably give it a try soon though.

Quick Fire Round

Reviews or Features?
Features, because everyone’s are so unique and it’s lovely to see the different ways people highlight and talk about books.

Comments or pageviews?
Comments, because it’s a more active form of supporting the blog. That and I love to know what people think!

E-mail subscription or RSS Feed (i.e. Bloglovin, Networked Blogs)?
RSS for me. I absolutely love Bloglovin, it’s made keeping track of all my favourite blogs really simple.

Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter, no question. I only have a Facebook page because it’s what you do, but I’m hardly ever on there.

Blogs or Vlogs?
Blogs for me. I love to read, whether it’s a book or a post.

Thanks for having me and happy blogoversary Faye!

Thank you so much for answering all of my questions Daphne! What did you think about Daphne’s answers? Do you agree or do you blog differently? Let us know!



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