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Blogoversary; Michelle Interview


Hey Guys!
So today I am introducing you to the lovely Michelle from Much Loved Books. I’ve asked her a couple of questions for her. Michelle is really sweet and a great person to know. It’s been lovely meeting her and I’m really glad that I’ve been given that chance. Here’s hoping you enjoy meeting her too!

Let’s start with some basics. What is your name and the name of your blog?
My name is Michelle and my blog is called Much Loved Books.

How long have you been blogging?
Just over two years, I celebrated my blogoversary in July. Although I did have a blog set up before then but didn’t post anything on it. It took a long time for me to get the confidence to make it live.

Do you remember the very first post that you wrote for your blog?
Yes, it was a review and after searching I found the title. Carrying Mason by Joyce Magnin. When I first started I was horrendous at reviews and I hope that I have improved since then :)

Does your blog have a set schedule?
I try to post every Sunday with Stacking the Shelves, and I have a new feature with a USA blogger who I got to meet at a Rachel Caine signing, Book Wars that we post every Monday. I try to participate in Waiting on Wednesday or do my own feature, Book Twins or Books Around the World on Wednesdays, but that is only if I have a free Wednesday that isn’t needed for reviews.

Do you know, roughly, how much time you spend blogging?
A lot, I read as often as possible, before starting work, at lunchtime, when I get home, and when I’m in bed trying unsuccessfully to get to sleep at an acceptable time. I tend to leave me reviews till late and find myself at the computer for a few hours making sure I have posts set for most of the week, or all of the week. Basically my life revolves around my blog, and my computer time is now known as ‘doing work’ to my boyfriend.

If you receive them, or even if you don’t, what are your views on ARCs?
There are both good and bad things about ARC’s. I do love receiving them as it means I get to read a book I really want to read much earlier than expected and they are a great way for publishers to get the word out about the book. However I do feel pressure to make sure my review is up in time so I can justify having received an ARC and I do feel bad if I don’t get to it in time if real life takes over, or if I didn’t end up liking the book.

How would you say blogging has changed your interaction with authors?
I have the confidence to approach authors if I am looking for some who would like to help participate in an event I am hosting on my blog, although I do still feel nervous. I also find myself stalking following them on twitter and initiated contact with them or replying to one of their tweets, they seen more ‘human’ and not some distant figure.

What about publishers?
Blogging has given me confidence to approach publishers to request books I really want to review. The ones who I have worked with are all amazing and make me feel really welcome. Publishers have also given me the chance to meet some fantastic bloggers (like yourself) that I would never have met in real life when they hold events and brunches for us to attend.

Do you think you’d still read blogs if you didn’t blog yourself?
Yes, I read blogs for a long time before I blogged and I could never see myself being away from the blogosphere, it’s one thing that keeps me up to date with all the latest books, and without it I would not have heard of a lot of amazing authors, or met some amazing bloggers.

And finally, do you have anything to say about vlogs? Do you vlog? Do you watch vlogs?
I admire every single person who does a vlog, I have watched a few but not all. I would never have the confidence to get in front of a camera and talk about bookish things.
Kudos to all you vloggers out there.

Quick Fire Round

Reviews or Features?
Both???? :) Feature enable me to break up posts in my blog, but also give me a rest from having to get reviews up constantly. Reviews allow me to share my thoughts on books I have read, which is the whole reason why I started blogging.

Comments or pageviews?
Comments, it means that people have actually taken the time to read your post and take time to comment on it.

E-mail subscription or RSS Feed (i.e. Bloglovin, Networked Blogs)?
E-mail, it’s sent straight to my email which makes it easier to follow others blogs.

Facebook or Twitter?

Blogs or Vlogs?

Thank you so much for answering all of my questions today Michelle! It was great getting to know you a little better! What did you think of Michelle’s answers?




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