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Blogspiration #11 – Creativity

Blogspiration is a weekly meme hosted by GrowingUp YA & Saz101. This meme was created to help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers and writers alike. An inspirational quote/picture/video is posted weekly, on the day of the authors choosing, so that it may inspire creativity, conversation & just a little SOMETHING.

So, this week I was trying to think of the best thing to post here, or whether to skip this week until I found something better to blog about when I finally stumbled across a brilliant post on Facebook.

This graphic really spoke to me and I hope you like it too!

creative blogspiration
*I claim no rights to this picture.*

This spoke to me because as I went down this list I realised that everything on it was ticked off in my head. I do get bored easily, I am always taking risks, I like to bend rules, I am constantly asking what if, I have many mistakes in my past, I love to collaborate, I would so that I was generous, I am definitely independent, I enjoy experimenting, I find the best motivation is yourself, I always put one hundred percent into everything I do, and of course, we have other creative people with us.

So yeap. I love this graphic. And I am not afraid to admit that I am…


Are you?

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  • alexandrasscribblings

    Ooh, I like it! I think the boredom one depends on the context though – there’s a difference to being bored at school/work/uni when you’re in a rigid/stifling environment to being bored in your own free time.
    When I was little, my Dad used to tell me that a creative mind was never bored. This was very cunning on his part, because it meant that I didn’t want to admit to being bored, because that would mean that I wasn’t creative – horrors! So he never had to listen to me complain, “I don’t know what to doooo.”
    I definitely, definitely agree with the taking risks and making mistakes and experimenting though!

  • Kristin Feliz

    OH MY GOD! I am EFFING creative!

    “I once was lost, but now am found…”

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I plan on stealing this image and using it as my computer background!! :D

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • nea barabea

    haha, what a surprise!! I checked all the list and .. I am all on the list too :) :) Awww, love this!! I am creative!! :) This is so so cool! :) Thank you so much for sharing this! You’ve made my day! ;) <3

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