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Book Review; Deep Amber by C. J. Busby

Deep Amber Author: C. J. Busby
Publisher: Templar
Published: 1st March 2014
Pages: Unknown
Format: Paperback
Source:: Review Copy
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Two worlds collide when strange objects are discovered in medieval Roland Castle and in the modern day home of siblings Catrin and Simon. Could mysterious substance deep amber be at the centre of this rift between worlds? Catrin and Simon must mend the rift and prevent the deep amber from falling into the wrong hands.

When An

Having truly enjoyed C. J. Busby’s Frogspell series, I was incredibly excited to hear about her new series. This series is aimed at children just a little older and is intended for those who really enjoyed Frogspell. Thus, I am pleased to report that Deep Amber is yet another fun, adventurous and magical book that I am certain many children will find entertaining and worth reading. Upon finishing this book, I found I was excited to realise that there would be more books to come.

Adventure Arises

Once more, C. J has set this book in a magical world full of fun and mysterious things. So when odd items start appearing that these people have never seen before, questions are instantly asked. The items in questions have come from the modern non-magical world; ours! Further to this, a few magical items have also ended up on Earth. The adventure that ensues from this dilemma is full of humour and suspense and just really makes this book entertaining. The plot is well-thought out and full of little twists and turns everywhere that keep the reader turning the page. I found it difficult to put this down when my curiosity of what was going to happen next was so high.

So Does

Just like in her last series, the characters in this book are really great and really realistic. They’re all fun to read about and they’re easy to get attached to! I found myself trying to read slower so that I could keep them alive just a little bit longer. Dora was an apprentice witch who was constantly making small mistakes that she struggled to get herself out of and really helped to bring a level of fun to the book. She was also full of heart and one to really look out for! Jem was a mischevious boy who was ready for some adventure and ready to barge in without thinking things through. He turned out to be really helpful and great to see in the story. Simon was also adventurous and liked to let his curiosity get the better of him. He was a character that I loved reading. Catrin, being the oldest had a bit of a wiser tone to her character but she was also full of flair and liked to be apart of the adventure as much as the next person! I found her to be a truly inspirational character in the story!

A Handful

One of the best things about Frogspell was C. J’s writing style and the way that she managed to create the essence of a child within her book. With all the fun, action, adventure, danger, bravery and curiosity in the book, it almost feels like a child itself. Fortunately, this is something that she has managed to continue doing in Deep Amber. This book seemed to really have it all and with all the right emotions, it would be difficult for children to dislike this story. I completely admire C. J. for her writing talent and can only hope she will continue to write wonderful and fun stories for children.

Of Fun

This book was great! It had a little of everything and I still get small snippets of the things that happened and can’t help but smile. It is the perfect adventure book and one that I could imagine being made into a children’s animation film one day. All the characters were loveable and fun to read about and you simply finish reading this book feeling like you’ve found something good. Really enjoyed this book and would be quick to recommend it, especially to younger children who like books with quests and magic! But I also believe teens and adults will find the fun in this book as well.

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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