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Book Tour Review; Silver Moon; The Complete Saga by Rebecca A. Rogers

Silver MoonAuthor: Rebecca A. Rogers
Publisher: Self-Published
Published: 1st Mach 2013
Pages: 760
Format: ebook
Source:: Complimentary Copy from Author
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Join Alaric, Ulric, and Daciana in ALPHA MOON as they discover there’s more to life in the 1500s than plowing fields and attending balls. A powerful witch, who practices black magic, won’t hesitate to place a curse upon them—one that will have them howling at the silvery moon.

In SILVER MOON, Candra Lowell is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in present-day Connecticut. She thinks it’s because she’s a troublemaker, but Candra’s parents only shipped her off for one reason: to learn how to become a werewolf. She’ll learn there’s more to the story, though, when a rival pack has their hearts set on making her visit a living hell.

The past and the present merge into one in BLACK MOON as Candra falls even harder for her star-crossed lover, Benjamin Conway, who also happens to be her enemy, and wrestles with the fact that she has awakened an ancient soul inside her body. Can she stretch her newfound claws in peace, or will she wish she had never become a werewolf?

In the final installment of the saga, BLOOD MOON, Candra and Ben travel back to the sixteenth century, where they’ll embark on their toughest journey yet—stopping Alaric and breaking the curse which started it all. But if ending the werewolf curse, and the powers that come with it, means Candra and Ben will be stuck in the sixteenth century, can they live with the fact that they’ll never return home and see their families again?

When You Only

This is one of those books that is incredibly hard to review as I have such mixed thoughts on it. On the one hand it was entertaining enough to let me finish it, but on the other there were quite a few moments throughout that I just couldn’t stand. It is books like this that make me wish to scrap my “no half star” policy on the blog. It is completely and utterly in the middle of three and four stars for me. A good book that I liked but that just had a few instances that I couldn’t sit behind. I am certain that it is a book that others would like as there were things that kept me compelled throughout and I have just become a very picky reader, unfortunately.

Have One Choice

If you’re the kind of reader that loves a star-crossed, romeo-and-juliet, insta-love story, then you will more than likely enjoy this series. It is the story of two families in war, and two of the teenagers trying to think of ways in which to stop the war and start living in peace. Add in the fact that they’re werewolves and dark witches, and you have a hard task of stopping the power-hungry family from stopping anything. I found the plot to be easy to read and compelling enough to make me want to finish the series. There were, however a few things that irritated me, especially when it came to the werewolves. I struggled with this concept of the creature as I prefer werewolves to stick closer to the myth, if you can transform outside of the moon cycle, you’re not a werewolf. If you can look past this, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy the plot a lot more than I did.

Can You Keep

It took me a long time to like the main protagonist, Candra, and if I’m being wholly honest, I’m not sure I even really liked her fully by the time the book ended. I’m not fully certain either what it was about her that irritated me but I think I just wanted to hear the story from more than just her perspective. Candra is a fiesty character who is stubborn and just wants everyone to get along so that she’s not pulled into a battle that she really knows nothing about. She is strong emotionally and physically but she still gets injured and shows that she’s still a human underneath it all. She’s a well written character who was intetesting to read, I just personally found I couldn’t connect with her.

On the other hand there’s Ben whom I just adored. He had this deeper personality to him that just came across in the way he acted around everyone. I found myself wanting to know what he was thinking and why he was doing the things he did. I wanted to know so much more about him. Despite that, he was also an easy character to get along with, liked his jokes and also liked to have the upper hand. But he was protective, conflicted, loyal and in love and it was a sight to see. It was probably one the main reasons why I kept reading as I just wanted to see more. The bonus material at the end of this book from his perspective was absolutely perfect in my opinion!

Yourself Alive To

From the very start of this novel, I became enamoured with Rebecca’s writing style. She has a way of really pulling you into the story and makes the character feel really beliveable. There were a few moments, however, where the pace went much to fast and I found myself struggling to keep up. We would be in the middle of a battle but I didn’t have a single clue what was happening at all which made it quite confusing. At other moments something was mentioned and then never returned to leaving the reader feeling a bit concerned as to why it was there in the first place. Fortunately though, these things don’t happen often and it is easy to simply push the thought from your mind conpletely as you continue to get drawn into the story once more.

Survive Through It

Overall, this is a series that I am glad I read as it was an enjoyable and fairly easy read. It was perfect as a book to just read when you don’t want anything too heavy. It is full of action, humour, cute moments, and a bit of depth as well. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes werewolf books that have twists and anyone who is a lover of all things Twilight. I found this book to be a good read but I’m unsure if it is one I would read again. It had some great moments, lovely writing, and a compelling storyline but it just didn’t make it all the way to the top due to the small issues I found myself having with it. But I still think it is a book worth reading, so why not give it a try?

** I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

Three Stars


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