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Bookish “This or That” Tag!

Bookish “This or That” Tag

Today I am here to do something I have not done since I first started blogging – participate in a tag! I’ve been reading quite a few lately and have been really enjoying them. I also loved doing tags when I had a booktube account so I kind of want to do something fun like it again.

So for this tag I was tagged by Ayla at Books and Babbles and obviously the idea is to answer which of the two you would choose!

Audiobook or Text Book

This one is a fairly easy for me to answer and that is text book. I love the feel of the book in my hands and letting my eyes swipe across the page and take in the words creating imagery in my mind. It’s how I’ve read for the majority of my life and I think it will be the one thing that I always want to be able to do. I also like that I can sit for hours at a time when I’m reading a book. On the other hand, with an audiobook I always have to be doing something. Even if it’s just walking but I can’t just sit still and read. This is why audiobooks will never win this!

Paperback or Hardback

Paperback for reading, hardback for display! But probably just paperback will win this round. I find that paperbacks are easier to carry around and easier to read as well – although I hate when the spines break so they are ALWAYS read very carefully! But yes, paperbacks all the way!

Fiction or Non-Fiction

I’ve always been a fiction reader over non-fiction. I love learning and I love facts but I much prefer to immerse myself in a different world entirely with fiction than read about facts. I love that some non-fiction books are exciting and fascinating and can be really eye-opening and aren’t boring at all but even then, I will probably always choose a fiction book over a non-fiction one.

Bookshop or Online

It’s actually been a really long time since I last bought a book online! I’m actually quite proud of this as I know that online seems to be the place to buy books these days but personally I much prefer buying books from a bookshop. I like to feel the books, see how many pages they have, stroke the covers, smell the pages, hold the item in my hand and read the blurb and perhaps a page or two too. There is something so wonderful about buying a book in a bookshop that I will never get over.

Standalone or Trilogy

Such a difficult question! I love both but I think I’m going to go with standalone but only because I am notoriously bad at finishing trilogy’s! I often read the first book and sometimes the second book and then never finish the trilogy. Whereas with a standalone, I have a better chance of actually finishing the book. I also love when everything is all wrapped up in a neat little bow in one book. But then again… it can be nice to be with the characters for a longer time…

Heavy & Long or Short & Sweet

Oh… I’m not even sure! I think I’m going to go with short and sweet. I think it would really depend on my mood but at the moment I’ve been reading a lot of picture books and MG books and they’re all super short and super sweet and it’s been making my heart go all mushy. Also, I kind of hate books that are too long. Often if they’re on my shelf they’ll be there for a LONG time because I’ll choose every other book first, even if said long book has been highly recommended to me!

Reading Somewhere Cosy or In the Sun

Always, always, always reading somewhere cosy. There is absolutely nothing better than curling up under the blankets with a hot drink and a good book when the rain is pouring down outside and just drifting away to another world. I know some people love going to the beach to read but honestly, I actually find it really difficult to read in the sun as my eyes start squinting and my head starts hurting and it all just seems a bit of a waste to me!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee

Now this is probably the easiest question of the lot! Definitely 100% coffee. I basically only survive day to day because of the coffee I drink. But as well as it’s caffeine goodness, I also just really love the taste of coffee! It’s so silky and smooth – well, the right coffee is anyway! I love the smell of it and how warm it is and just yeah… coffee is great. I do also love a good hot chocolate, especially on those cold rainy days and they’re perfect for the evenings because I don’t have coffee after 7pm but otherwise, coffee wins.


I have absolutely no idea who does these kinds of tags anymore so I am basically just tagging in everyone who wants to do this but hasn’t done so yet! Get right on it guys!

What have you been reading recently?


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