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Dare to Remember by Susanna Beard

Dare to Remember by Susanna Beard

Hello All!
Today I am on Dare to Remember blog tour! I have for you all a review of this fantastic book below.
First though, here’s more information about the book.

About the Book

Dare to RememberReeling from a brutal attack that leaves her best friend dead and her badly injured, Lisa Fulbrook flees to the countryside to recuperate. With only vague memories of the event, she isolates herself from her friends and family, content to spend her days wandering the hills with her dog, Riley.

However, Lisa is soon plagued, not only by vivid flashbacks, but questions, too: how did their assailant know them? Why were they attacked? And what really happened that night?

As she desperately tries to piece together the memories, Lisa realises that there’s another truth still hidden to her, a truth she can’t escape from. A truth that may have been right in front of her all along.

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My Review

What If

Sometimes you pick up a book and after reading only a few pages, you know that this book is going to be a worthy read. This is what happened to me when I picked up Dare To Remember. The words pulled me in from the first few pages and I do not regret choosing to read this book. It was compelling, intense and so well-written. I loved how brutally honest it was and how wonderfully it depicted PTSD. A truly magnificent book that I would highly recommend.

You Can’t

What worked exceptionally well in this book was how it all flowed together so well. The main character doesn’t remember what happened and thus the reader is pulled along just waiting to see. In the meantime you grow to love the main protagonist and would do anything to protect them. I love that this story wasn’t just about finding out what happened, there was so much more to it than that. But mostly I absolutely loved how this book didn’t shy away from the real horrors of PTSD. It never once romanticized this mental health illness and I loved that about this book.

Remember What

As mentioned above, I quickly grew to love the main protagonist. This was her story as she learnt to live with her life after something so traumatic happened to her. It wasn’t easy and even by the end of the book she wasn’t back to “normal” because she never would be but she was coping so much better and that was wonderful to read. I loved all of the side characters so much but I have to admit I had a real soft spot for John. He was such a wonderful addition to the story.

Has Happened

Overall this book was wonderful. It held a full cast of interesting and unique characters who all play a part in Lisa’s journey but also all have their own journeys to get through as well. On top of that this book was easy to read, addictive and filled me with many emotions. I felt for Lisa so much and just prayed that things would finally make sense for her. The ending was shocking and heart-breaking but also just worked so well. The story ends full of hope for the future and really brings the book full circle. Honestly, you should make sure you read this book!

About the Author

Susanna Beard Originally a linguist, I’ve always loved words and writing. My career to date both demands and celebrates writing.

“I discovered that the slope of writing to order is a slippery one, and that the descent is in fact pleasurable.” Elena Ferrante.

Writing fiction is new and joyous for me. It offers a freedom from constraint which is refreshing and full of wonder.

I like dark, contemplative stories with a twist. I’m fascinated by the psychology of relationships and the impact of insignificant events on people’s lives.

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