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Extract; Kiss Me, Kill Me by J. S. Carol

Extract; Kiss Me, Kill Me by J. S. Carol

Today I am hosting an extract of Kiss Me, Kill Me by J. S. Carol for the blog tour! Hope you enjoy this little snippet of the story – I know I did!


‘I have not been smoking grass,’ Zoe whispered.

Lizzy shot her a cynical look.

‘I have not. Because you’re right, it does make me paranoid. That’s why I don’t smoke it any more. So, if we take grass out of the equation, where does that leave us?’

Lizzy sighed and shook her head. ‘We’ve already had this conversation. Popeye has not been sneaking around our apartment.’

‘And I’m telling you he has. Who ate those Pop Tarts?’

‘Ah yes, the Pop Tart conspiracy.’

‘I didn’t eat them, and you didn’t eat them. Unless you were lying about that.’

‘Which I wasn’t. I told you, Mike probably ate them.’

‘He said he didn’t.’

‘And men never, ever lie.’

They stared at each other for a moment.

‘Then there’s the fact that he’s been in my room going through my stuff,’ Zoe said.

‘No, you suspect that, which is a totally different thing.’

Zoe kept staring and Lizzy let out a long sigh.

‘Okay, so what has he done this time? No, don’t tell me. You got home and discovered the front door had been broken down?’

‘He doesn’t need to break it down. He’s the building superintendent. He has a key.’

‘I’m still waiting for the piece of evidence that’s going to put him away for life.’

Zoe hesitated, then whispered, ‘The toilet seat was up.’


The mocking smile made Zoe feel as though she might actually be crazy after all. But she knew she wasn’t. Popeye had been in their apartment. Again.

‘Maybe I left it up,’ Lizzy said.

‘That would be a first.’

‘Maybe you left it up.’

‘Not going to happen.’

‘Mike stayed over last night, and he’s always leaving it up.’

‘It was down when I went to my lecture this morning, and that was after you guys had left. When I got back from my lecture, that’s when I found it up. Popeye has been in our apartment, I’m telling you.’

Before they could get any deeper into this, chef called over to tell them the meals were ready to go. Lizzy gave Zoe a look then shooed her towards the plates. Giovanni’s was one of those places where the kitchen opened into the dining area. Some people liked that; Zoe didn’t. She preferred life to have a little mystery.

Lizzy was winding her up, but this was nothing new. Zoe had figured she would react like this and almost hadn’t said anything. Now she was wishing she hadn’t. It would be a different story if Lizzy suspected Popeye was going through her room. If that happened she would probably punch him out first and ask questions later. She wouldn’t just let it go, that was for damn sure.

About the Book

She thought she could trust him. She was wrong . . .

When Zoe meets Dan she can’t believe her luck. He’s everything she is looking for in a man – intelligent, charming, stable, supportive.
Until they’re married.
Then Zoe realises that Dan is controlling, aggressive, paranoid.
And there’s no way out.

Or is there?

When Zoe discovers that she’s pregnant, she realises that the only way she can keep her baby is to leave Dan.
But that’s harder than you think.
He found her once before, and she knows he can find her again.
But Dan has plans of his own – plans that don’t necessarily include Zoe.

But then, even the best laid plans often go awry, and you really need to be careful about who you trust . . .

About the Author

J. S. Carol is the author of The Killing Game, which was shortlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award. As James Carol, he has also written the bestselling Jefferson Winter series. Broken Dolls, the first of these, was published in 2014 to rave reviews and reached #1 on the Amazon fiction and thriller charts. In addition James is writing a series of eBooks set during Winter’s FBI days. Presumed Guilty is the first of these.

James lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children. When he’s not writing he can usually be found in a pair of headphones, recording and producing music.

Website. Twitter. Facebook.

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