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Fairy Tale Read-A-Thon Wrap Up!

So the read-a-thon ended yesterday! I enjoyed myself immensely with this one as I hadn’t read a fairy tale or a retelling in a really long time and so it was nice to be reminded of some of them!

I managed to surpass myself and actually managed to read 4 books (okay, one was a short novella!)
I read;


Thorn by Intisar Khanani
A Bite’s Tale: A Furry Fable by Veronica Blade
Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen

I really enjoyed Thorn and Scarlet, they were both really great reads. (And Scarlet even made me watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves again! hehe). A Bite’s Tale was a really cute story. Whereas I am undecided about how I feel on Kill Me Softly. It was an okay read but didn’t really give me a spark of anything, unfortunately!

As for my mini-challenge, there were fourteen entries but only five had all the answers correct. So please, put your hands (or keyboard fingers) together for;



As for the answers, here are the full covers;

1.    2.    3.

4.     5.

6.    7.    8.

9.       10.

Thanks for participating in the mini-challenge! I hope you had fun.


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