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As mentioned previously on this blog, I have been going to the cinema a lot recently and during this time I have seen a lot of film trailers and so today I wanted to talk about them with you.

Trailers have gotten longer.

This has been happening for a while now but I have really noticed this recently. Trailers are starting to do too much. They give away too many details on the story, share too many of the best bits, and have the power to ruin the film. Too many times I have watch a trailer and thought – ‘well, now I know the whole story so I don’t need to see the film.’ – Sometimes there are still surprises in the film but sometimes I find I just don’t want to see the film anymore. What do you think about the length of film trailers?

The duo-release trailer.

Another trend occuring, especially with these big book adaptations, is to release a very short trailer in the lead-up to the film and then later on releasing a longer, more bodied trailer. While I do understand the strategy behind this, it’s really starting to get on my nerves – mostly as the longer trailer will, as mentioned above, say too much but also because the first trailer is clearly just for the fans who already know the story behind the film, thus just frustrating and confusing those who know nothing.
What do you think about these duo-trailers? Are you a fan of them?

Book adaptation trailers.

This is more of just a personal problem of mine but if I like the book that is being adapted, I like to avoid the trailer. The reason for this is because I already know the story and already want to see the film so watching the trailer is pointless. It is also because I really want the film to surprise me but only when I see the film, not from the trailer. This is generally easy to do on the internet but often leads me to acting incredibly weird when certain trailers come on in the cinema but thus far I have only seen the trailer for The Maze Runner – woo! What are your thoughts on book adaptation trailers?

All in all, I do like trailers, they just can’t be too long or too short. Not that I’m picky or anything.

What trailers have you liked recently?



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