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Faye’s Thoughts on… Food Weaknesses (Part One)


If there is one thing that I am certain everyone has, it is food weaknesses. Whether this is food that you feel you cannot live without, food you wish you didn’t have to live without, or just not wanting to eat food at all. As food is something that is a major component in everybody’s lives whether they’re eating it, controlling it or avoiding it, it’s easy to see why we might have weaknesses surrounding it.

Personally I have some odd food weaknesses. And upon spending a few weeks thinking about this topic, I came up with a list of foods that if I was told I couldn’t ever eat again, I would cry. But, to build the suspense, I’m only going to share three with you today and three with you next week! These are foods I enjoy and some foods I simply eat for comfort.

My Weaknesses


I thought I’d start off with the oddest one. I am a mushroom fiend. I love them. If there is a way to put mushrooms into a meal, I am damn well going to do it. If mushrooms are offered as a side, you can bet I’ll be adding it to my meal. I don’t know what it is about these pesky fungi but I have a full blown love for them and would struggle not to eat them. (And really, I know I shouldn’t eat them but I just don’t think I can stop!)


Who doesn’t have an obsession with cheese? (*cough*lotsofpeople*cough*). When thinking about cutting back on the cheese in my diet I really struggled to come up with dinners that didn’t involve cheese. The few I did come up with were a roast dinner and sausage, chips and beans. I’m sure there are more too, but in my life cheese is so prevalent that cutting back would be incredibly difficult!


So I had to give this up last year when my doctor thought I might have a sensitivity to it and could potentially have celiacs. And it was TOUGH. I could have bread three times a day without a problem (and I was). Bread works for a snack if you just want something to nibble on. It bulks up food. It tastes amazing and really, why would you not want to eat bread. (*cough*becauseitcankillyou*cough*) I’ve gotten better with my bread because I do think I have a sensitivity to it but that doesn’t mean I could give it up entirely unless I REALLY had to.

Fellow Blogger Weaknesses

But enough about my weaknesses. To make this post a little more lively, I asked some other bloggers about their food weaknesses and here are just some of the responses (I’ll do a post next week with the rest);

Amy at The Smallest of Things said; My weakness is biscuits and cake! Chocolate cake mainly.

Samantha at Coco Butter Blog said; My biggest weakness is pizza! I always crave it for dinner and because it’s so quick and easy to cook and I’m busy I can never resist one!

Bel at Journey’s Are My Diary said; I have so many but pizza and cheese are definitely my biggest.

Kirsty at Kirsty Ralph said; fried chicken, texas bbq pringles and sprinkle doughnuts!

Lindsay at Scottish Outlander said; Chocolate digestives, I could eat a whole pack! And of course pizza, pizza is always a good idea!

Emily at Emily Davies Writes said; Mine is lattes. I could write a book on my weakness for a good latte!

Charlene at The Life of Leesha Starr said; I have so many weaknesses when it comes to food but my main is KitKats, Cheese Strings and Meat Feast Pizza with extra meat and cheese haha.

Lordine at Show The Bride said; biggest weakness is food in general but specifically white chocolate cookies, biscuits and hot chocolate. My blog caters to brides and brides to be who love glamour!

Lauren at Modest London said; Chicken wings and avocado (not together, obvs) – I am CONSTANTLY thinking about them.

Jade at Raising the Rings said; Chocolate. I’ve got a serious post pregnancy craving that I just can’t shift! And any junk food in general. I love being naughty behind the other half’s back hehe.

Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap said; Completely random but I’m addicted to almonds! That crunch is just heaven!

Jess at Tantrums to Smiles said; My biggest weakness is Pic a mix!! I just cant help but indulge every now and again lol.

Helen at Beautiful Things said; Marshmallows lol, one of my recent posts was about just this!!

Elizabeth at Where Roots and Wings Entwine said; My weakness is cheese, pasta and bread. My other half jokes that all I eat is pasta.

Sarah at The Girl with the Winged Liner said; KFC chips, chicken nuggets and chips from mcdonalds, pasta and sweet corn….. Hmm *drools*

Stacey at Mummy M’s Memories said; Pizza… Or melted cheese in general. Cheese an onion paninis cheese on toast of 4 cheese pizzas with extra cheese added. wink emoticon oh and fresh bread, the fresher the better… No wonder I’m the size I am.

Carolyn at Carolyn Blogs said; Most of my specific ones are chocolatey weaknesses, chocolate buttons straight from the fridge, peanut M&Ms and mint machmakers. If there are any hiding in the house they don’t last long against my skills for sniffing them out.
And then pretty much anything with lime or coconut in it, so whether that’s all the round wheel sweets in a packet of liquorish allsorts or a sneaky mojito / caipirinha on a night out or more realistically these days with baby in tow it’s gallons of Belvoir lime and lemongrass cordial, yummy.

Aimee at Aimeee Jayneee said; I’m suffering from what I call post – pregnancy cravings – mines irn bru, frazzle crisps and jaffa cakes but stale ones!!!

Laura at My Life as a Mummy said; Cheese and mints. Obviously not together.

Laura at Laura Hadley said; Chocolate, cake and milkshakes! Such a sweet tooth!

Rachel at Rachel Bustin said; Chocolate, cake and any desserts

What are some of your food weaknesses?


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