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Finish It February; Update #3


We’re at the end of the third week of February and only have one week to go. I’m still not sure how that happened but there we go!

My Goals

I want to try and finish three half-read books, and finish three series.

How I’m Doing

I have finished one series and completed one half-read book. I am in the middle of the last book of a second series.
I’m not doing as well as I’d hoped – my reading mojo has sort of left me this month BUT I’m okay with that as I’ve just been really busy. I would be happy if I finish two series and one half-read book so let’s see how I go next week!

Currently Reading


Read so Far

Heir of Fire The Underwood See

So… how are you getting on? Let me know in the comments and/or link to your updates in the linky!


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