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Five Reasons to Read: Outremer II: Revelation Cometh by D. N. Carter & Giveaway

Five Reasons to Read: Outremer II: Revelation Cometh by D. N. Carter

Hi All!
Today is my stop on the blog tour for Outremer II and I am here today with five reasons to read this book – but I’m doing it a little differently – instead of my own thoughts, I’m linking to other reviews of the books for you to enjoy!

Title: Outremer II: Revelation Cometh
Author: D. N. Carter
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: 4th September 2018
Pages: 688
Format: E-book
Source:: Review Copy from Publisher
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Christian-born Paul Plantavalu and his beloved Alisha al Komaty, a Muslim, share an unbreakable bond and a deep love for one another. Religion, war and politics oppose them at every turn. But most deadly of all is the resolve of an evil enemy determined to destroy their family lines forever.

Paul and Alisha’s journey takes a political turn; they must question everything and learn who to fear and who to trust as they continue their battle to safeguard the future of mankind. In accepting the burden of this grace responsibility, they must make peace with the difficult path they have chosen. Paul will struggle to unlearn everything he has been raised to accept as true; reality is much more mysterious and nuanced. It will fall to him to defend a much greater treasure than his own life – one which the Magi themselves understood – for the benefit of future generations. In doing so, Paul will help others to unshackle themselves from the grip of a self-styled secret elite with the power to manipulate religions, governments and monarchies, harnessing wealth and control for themselves at the expense of the populous. But to succeed in this challenge Paul must face his own desires and his worst fears, and if destiny dictates, he may be called to sacrifice his own family, including Alisha.

The second novel in author and adventurer D. N. Carter’s epic four-part series, Outremer II: Revelation Cometh draws upon forty years of intensive historical research by its Indiana Jones-style creator. As the reader is swept up by the romantic adventure of Paul and Alisha and their dazzling romp through the High Middle Ages in search of Templar truths and treasure, they are also challenged by the author to solve a coded puzzle hidden within the pages of the four Outremer novels, which will lead to a real-life bounty at the conclusion of the series!

Five Reasons to Read

1. The first book is a riveting read.
If you’re looking for a book that is riveting and pulls you in as though you’re sitting around a fire listening to an old man retelling a story, then this may just be the book for you. As Michelle at The Book Magnet tells us in her wonderful five star review here.

2. It’s got a film-like feel to it.
In her glowing review of the first book, Claire admits that she “could certainly imagine a film based on this”, but if that’s not enough for you, you can read her whole review here.

3. There’s a very real romance at the heart of the story.
You saw what I did there, right? But moving on. Paul and Alisha are the central focus of the first book in this series, and as Yvonne states, the rest of the book is “cleverly wrapped around the love story of Paul from a Christian family and Alisha from a Muslim one”. Yvonne also just became very invested in the book. You can read her thoughts on the first book here.

4. It is based on real people, real facts and real events.
Spread throughout the book, D. N. Carter has used real people, real facts and real events which help to flesh out the book. In this glowing review on book two on Amazon, Iceman mentioned that “it made the whole story become very very real.” Read his five star review here.

5. There’s a chance to win a lot of money by the end of the series!
So this one is a little bit of a cheat but it’s true! The author has hidden clues in each of the books and the first person to find them all can win a lot of money! You can find out more information about all of that here.


To win both books in this series in ebook format, all you have to do is comment below with your favourite Historical Fiction Book!

– Ends 05/10/18
– Winners will be contacted by e-mail
– The winner will have 7 days to claim prize
– Competition sponsored by Clink Street Publishing
– Entrants must be 13 years or older

About the Author

D. N. Carter has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with archeology, cartography and the history, myths and legends of the Middle Ages. He has travelled extensively across Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula and the Languedoc region of France, which has long been associated with the Templar Knights and grail quest mythology. While not decoding maps and mathematical codes, D. N. Carter enjoys adventure sports and spending time with his family between East Anglia and the South of France.

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