Generic Saturday #2

In an aim to have a few more film posts, I’ve decided to try something I am going to call Generic Saturday. This basically means that every Saturday I will choose a specific genre of film and discuss some things about it, such as my favourite films of that genre, least favourite, some generic features of the genre, why others like it, etc,etc. Or, something along those lines anyway! Let’s see how well this works, shall we?
So, for the first one of these I have decided that we will discuss
romantic comedies*
*this is in combination of valentine’s day on tuesday

Top 10 RomCom’s
  1. 27 Dresses
  2. Leap Year
  3. Crazy Stupid Love
  4. The Notebook
  5. Love and Other Drugs
  6. Definitely Maybe
  7. Notting Hill
  8. Bridget Jones’ Diary: The Edge of Reason
  9. 500 Days of Summer
  10. 10 Things I Hate About You 
Problems I encountered when deciding:
Too Much (There are too many to choose from. Do I go for the classics I love, or the new ones I love? What about the ones that always stick in my memory, or the ones that make me laugh the most?)
Lack of Memory (With so many romantic comedies out there that I have seen, remembering them all and the ones that I liked turned out to be a bit of a nightmare!)
Repetitive (I found that upon thinking of one title, I could think of other titles with that actor or actress in and I wanted to be a little flexible on them!)
Ten Awful RomComs**
  1. Shallow Hal
  2. I Could Never Be Your Woman
  3. Just My Luck
  4. Licence to Wed
  5. The Break-Up
  6. New Years Eve
  7. The Holiday
  8. Just Married
  9. Just Go With It
  10. Twilight
Problems I encountered when deciding:
Lack of Memory (Trying to remember romantic comedies that you don’t like is more difficult then it seems. I’ve seen a vast majority of films but from title alone I don’t remember really hating many of them.)
but what actually IS a romantic comedy?
According to Wikipedia;
Romantic comedy films are films with light-hearted, humorous plotlines, centered on romantic ideals such as that true love is able to surmount most obstacles.One dictionary definition is “a funny movie, play, or television program about a love story that ends happily”. Another definition states that its “primary distinguishing feature is a love plot in which two sympathetic and well-matched lovers are united or reconciled”.
 So, initially, they’re comedies focused around romance, right? The idea that two complete opposite and irrational people suddenly get stuck in a situation and end up falling, hopelessly and madly in love, yes?
But then, does 500 Days of Summer classify as a romcom?

and what about Crazy Stupid Love?

I think that really, what a rom-com is, is a film in which we laugh and is solely based around a romantic journey. It may not be that the two protagonists despise each other, but simply a way of showing how irrational love can be, and showing people the funny side of it. I think this is why choosing good romantic comedies is so difficult. There are so many different kinds of romcoms that it is easy to become lost within the maze.

 So, what is it that makes a romantic comedy good?
I think that it all falls down to personal preference. I know that some of the movies on my top ten probably won’t be liked by everyone. I also know that not everyone will agree with my worst movies, and some people may even love one of them. It’s all about what we like, what we wanna see and how we react to it all.
Personally, I love a film that is different. I like when it isn’t just the same old storyline being played out over and over again. That is one of the main reasons I love Leap Year. While you’ve got your generic hating relationship but the way it’s played out with the twists and turns and humour, just has me in stitches. Besides, Matthew Goode is a god to look at, isn’t he? ;-)
 What are some of your favourite and least favourite romcoms? What are your opinions on what makes a romcom good? Let me know!


  • Brodie

    THE NOTEBOOK <33333 Makes me cry every time *sniffles* And I love 10 TIHAY too – Heath Ledger <3 I am definitely going to have to check out some others on your fave list, especially Leap Year since you talk about that some more and it sounds awesome!

    • Daydreaming_Star

      YES! Exactly! Such a cute and lovely film it is!

      MMM… yes, Heath indeed! I almost put A Knights Tale up there too, but then decided that doesn’t really have enough romance in :D … until next time… :P

      YES! DO! Leap Year is one film I could probably watch over and over and over again :D It is just sooo good! So go watch it. And if you tell me you don’t like it, I may die a little inside…. :p (no pressure then) <3

    • Daydreaming_Star

      Yeah, I liked Love Actually but I didn’t LOVE it. I’m just not sure I really enjoy the whole ensemble cast thing -shrug- thinking that should stay in theatres. -nods-

      Also, bleugh to the holiday :p But part of it (literally three seconds because they cut the rest of it) was filmed near where I live. -nods- I was *this* close to Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. Haha.

      Glad to see you’ve watched SOME romcoms though :D Have you seen Bridesmaids?

  • Sarah (saz101)

    Errr… so will you hate me if I tell you I’ve not seen Crazy Stupid Love? Or The Notebook? But I LOVE LOVE LOVE 500 Days of Summer and Bridget Jones and LEAP YEAR! *swoon* MATTHEW GOODE!
    But it seems slightly silly they cast an English actor to play a Irish character… at least they didn’t cast an American? :D

    But I have to tell you: I LOVE The Holiday XD
    I can’t help it… would be SERIOUSLY interested to hear why you don’t like it… too self aware? It has this kind of Meta vibe going?

  • Sarah (The Book Life)

    (500) Days of Summer is one of my all time favorite movies, I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched it! I don’t think I could pick a least favorite. There are so many I didn’t like for various reasons. I do prefer when they go off book a little, though. When they get too formulaic, I get a little bored. Cool post :0)

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