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Hey Guys!
So today I am introducing you to Michael Meyer, author of Covert Dreams and Deadly Eyes.
He has written a post for you today on his inspiration for writing. He looks at how he views the world around him and uses what he sees as inspiration for his books.


I have been asked many times in my life what inspires me as a writer. I am a keen observer of people, for one thing. I can sit on a barstool and easily converse with a person who might diametrically oppose everything that I believe politically or religiously, and yet we can get along. We can communicate. I know how to listen, and I pick my words carefully. I enjoy seeing how people interact with others, how they cope with what life deals them. Bits and pieces of what I have observed and heard appear in both the dialogue and scenes that I have created.

I have always been fascinated by the human brain. I like to try to reconstruct what must have been going through a person’s mind at the moment of some great tragedy or some wonderfully unexpected event. What must have General Custer been thinking the very second he saw his own death? What went through Captain Smith’s mind the second he realized that his Titanic was doomed? I like to imagine shouting out to historical figures way before tragedy strikes and tell them, “No, don’t forge ahead! No, don’t ignore the ice warnings!” The very act of creating people and being in complete charge of their thinking processes, and then putting them into a situation where they must act—this sort of thing appeals greatly to me, and, thus, I am a writer.

The characters and events in my international thrillers COVERT DREAMS and DEADLY EYES are people and situations that I have created, and yet they seem so real to life to me. Even now, when I reread my own work, I find myself judging their actions, and empathizing with their plights.

I enjoy being alive. I am inspired when I see a small dog born with only three legs, hobbling around and having the time of his life. I am inspired when I see a small plant sticking its head out of a crack in a boulder, when I see a small ant carrying twice its weight to who knows where. Inspiration is all around us. And when I see evil, or hear of it, I am inspired in another way: I would like to destroy it. Often my imagination is the only way to do so, and that brings me to my own need to write.

Both COVERT DREAMS and DEADLY EYES are filled with characters, both good and evil, who inspired me in one way or the other as I created them. Some of them I greatly empathize with, while others I detest, the way of the world.

You can find Mike on Goodreads: Mike Meyer
Or on his amazon page: here

Both Covert Dreams and Deadly Eyes are available to purchase from Amazon, just click on the titles.


Thanks for writing such an inspirational post Mike!


  • laura thomas

    Hi Mike. Nice to see you here. I like your approach to writing through observation. You are inspiring me with your words. I really enjoyed Covert Dreams and look forward to reading Deadly Eyes. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for having Mike on your blog today Faye.

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