LGBT Readathon 2.0; Goals and Updates!


It has started again!

Yay! It is finally the first day of the second (this year anyway) LGBT Readathon! Are you joining in this time? You can sign up here.

My Goals

I have a very busy week ahead of me so I’m actually only aiming to read two books this week, but I’d still be happy with just one. I’ve given myself a choice of three books but who knows, I might stray somewhere else too!

So these are the books I’ll be choosing from:

Read Me Like A Book The Art of Being Normal I'll Give You The Sun

I’m going to start with Read Me Like A Book and go from there!


I’m going to try to remember to pop back to this post at the end of each day to update how it’s all going. My apologies if I don’t!

I had a very busy day today and just wasn’t in the reading mood, unfortunately. But I did finally manage to get some reading done.

Read Me Like A Book
I read two chapters, 23 pages.

I definitely hope to read more tomorrow.


Last time I held the chat on the last day of the event. This time I’m incredibly busy on the sunday so instead this chat will be on;

Saturday 27th June at 8pm BST

Hope to see you there!

What are you reading this week? Link to your TBR’s in the comments below!


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