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LGBT Readathon; Wrap Up!


It has, unfortunately, come to that time when the LGBT Readathon has ended and we all weep uncontrollably. I mean… *cough* we just carry on with our lives with dignity.

So here’s where I’m going to look at how I did and how I thought the readathon went overall and at the end of the post is the chance for you to link up to your own wrap-ups, if you did/do one!

Firstly though I just want to thank everyone that participated in this readathon.

My Goals

I’m going to be at work all week and probably going to be busy in the evenings too BUT I am still aiming to read at least two books but I am hoping to actually finish three.

I very rarely meet my goals during readathons but I’m hoping I’ll stick to it this week as I’ve got some SUPER exciting books to read!

I also want to keep updating twitter, to interact lots on twitter and to just enjoy the week!

How I Did


I actually read two and half books! I am super chuffed about this. I am also really happy because both of the books I read were REALLY good and the last one I’m reading is SO GOOD so far, so I have high hopes for it. It’s also a quick read so I hope to finish it today! Yay!

I kept updating twitter and kept up to date with everyone as best I could too so I’m quite happy about this. Overall I’m feeling very good about my goals!

Books I Read and Started

gracefully grayson this is not a love story unspeakable


I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing the chat was. I actually struggled not to cry during and after it. There were SO MANY people, SO MANY thoughts and ideas and it just restored my entire faith in humanity and I know that if we keep shouting, we will only ever be able to help all the LGBT books and real LGBT people. Which is just amazing and wonderful.

I was just seriously overwhelmed and happy. It was such a successful chat and by the end of it we even started trending! I also didn’t get to ask all the questions I had to ask so there will definitely be another one sometime soon.

I’m not sure when yet but as soon as I do, I’ll let you all know and tweet about it like crazy!


I am honestly really pleased and overwhelmed with how well this readathon went. A lot of people participated, more than I thought would seeing as how I only gave it two weeks of publicity. It seemed that everyone enjoyed their books and cheered each other on and I just loved being able to see that and be a part of it.

With that being said, I am pleased to announce that I’ll be hosting another LGBT Readathon at the end of June! Go run and mark your diaries for 22nd – 28th June! More info about it and a proper post with a button will go up soon but for now, just keep the week free!

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