LGBT Readaton 2.0 Wrap-Up!


It seems insane to me that the LGBT Readathon is already over. Maybe next time I’ll have to make it a two-week long readathon as a week just doesn’t seem to be enough time, does it?

My Goals

I wanted to read two books this week.

My Wrap-Up

Unfortunately I didn’t even manage to finish one book, let alone two! I was very busy and also had a bit of a reading slump so even when I did have time, I just couldn’t get into the book I was reading. This was quite sad for me but I’m hoping to finish the two books I started this week.

The books I started:
Read Me Like A Book The Art of Being Normal

The Chat

While not as busy as last time, I was still really happy with how the chat went! Keep an eye out as I’ve decided that I’ll be hosting this chat monthly. Dates of the chats (and the next few Read-a-thons) to be announced on the blog shortly!

How did you do this week


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