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Meet The Gods by Alexandra Sheppard

Meet The Gods by Alexandra Sheppard

Hi All!
Today is my stop on the blog tour for Oh My Gods and I am here today with a fantastic guest post from the author!

Title: Oh My Gods
Author: Alexandra Sheppard
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: 3rd January 2019
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Source:: N/A
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Summary: Life as a half-mortal teenager should be epic.
But, for Helen Thomas, it’s tragic.

She’s just moved in with her dorky dad and self-absorbed older siblings – who happen to be the ancient Greek gods, living incognito in London!

Between keeping her family’s true identities secret, trying to impress her new friends, and meeting an actually cute boy, Helen’s stress levels are higher than Mount Olympus.

She needs to rein in her chaotic family before they blow their cover AND her chances at a half-normal social life.

Or is Helen fated for an embarrassment of mythical proportions?

Meet The Gods

Alexandra Sheppard

In my debut novel Oh My Gods, fourteen-year-old Helen Thomas has just moved in with her dad and half-siblings. But they are not your usual family – they are the Greek gods living incognito in London! We can all relate to having out-of-touch parents and annoying siblings. But for Helen, this feeling is cranked up a notch or two. Her family have actual powers and are centuries old, while Helen can barely keep on top of her French homework. She’s completely alone in her family of super-powerful, super-beautiful beings.

After spending centuries in Mount Olympus, the gods are bored and prefer the varied pace of life on earth (North London, specifically). In order to stay on earth, they vow to never use their powers and to keep their true identity secret. But when you’ve been worshipped and adored, going under the radar proves very difficult for some of the gods – and it’s Helen who must deal with the consequences.

Here’s a spoiler-free introduction to a few of Helen’s closest immortal (and least conventional) relatives.

Helen’s dad has come a long way from his Mount Olympus glory days. As head of the gods, he’s responsible for keeping his family in check while they’re on earth. During the day he puts his fascination with mortals to good use as a Professor of Anthropology. While he spends his spare time building on his antique spoon collection, cataloguing back issues of Railway Digest and dragging Helen to car boot sales at the crack of dawn.

Unlike some of the gods, he’s content with not using his powers on earth for anything more taxing than fixing the wi-fi. But is Zeus too involved with his hobbies (and new girlfriend) to notice the mischief that certain other gods are up to?

Helen’s older half-sister just happens to be the goddess of beauty (though her day job is as a make-up artist on an early-morning TV show). When she isn’t hogging the bathroom or mouthing sweet nothings to her reflection, Aphrodite loves nothing more than to reminisce about the old days when she was considered the greatest beauty in earth or heaven.

As much as she prefers living on earth to dull Mount Olympus, how long can she cope with the lack of attention?

Being the son of Aphrodite, Eros is technically Helen’s nephew – but they call each other cousins, seeing as she is 14 and he is centuries old. As God of Love, Eros is universally adored by the family and Helen’s favourite immortal relative by far. He always has her back and is the only Agony Aunt worth listening to.

But can Eros ever be persuaded to break the rules and use his persuasive powers on a mortal?

About the Author

A social media professional by day and fiction writer by night, Alexandra Sheppard has been shortlisted for the Megaphone writer development scheme and is a member of the SCBWI. Follow Alexandra on Twitter (@alexsheppard) or Instagram (@alexsheppard19)

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