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Monday’s Movie Musings is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. The idea of this feature is to have all of my movie things occuring in one place. Whether it is a review, article, or something else, this feature will just be all about movies.

This week I’ll be discussing the movies out, or soon to be coming out, that I really want to see.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to the cinema in a while but I have had a chance to keep an eye on the movies currently out or soon to be arriving in the cinema.
  • Django Unchained; I have always loved Tarantino’s films and so I’m excited to watch his newest film!
  • Les Miserables; I haven’t seen the theatre production but everyone is raving about this film so I’d love the chance to see it and see what it is all about!
  • Lincoln; This is another big film that’s been nominated for the Oscars that I’m curious about!
  • The Impossible; My friend saw this and said he really enjoyed it and I have to admit that I’m intrigued to see it for myself!
  • Zero Dark Thirty; Another recommendation for this one. It does look quite good and I just hope that it meets expectations!
  • Hitchcock; I’ve only seen a few of his films but I studied Hitchcock at university and this film surrounding his life looks intriguing and I’m curious if it’d be good or not.
  • This is 40; I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now, it looks great fun and I really enjoyed Knocked Up
What movies are you looking forward to watching?



  • Brodie

    To be honest, I don’t entirely know what it’s about, but I’ve been hearing everyone say how AMAZING Djanho Unchained is, so I definitely need to go watch the trailer.

    I’ll definitely be seeing Beautiful Creatures this month – I was iffy at first, but one of the clips I saw really sold me on Alden as Ethan, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Also can’t wait for Warm Bodies. I don’t think it’s out until March/April here – BOO. But it looks so good! And and and I really want to go see Silver Linings Playbook :)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Yes, I think you should go watch the trailer!

      I am going to see Beautiful Creatures but I didn’t particularly like the book so I’m not rushing to go and see it!
      Not heard of Warm Bodies but will be looking it up now!

      And you must see Silver Linings Playbook! It is so freaking awesome! Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper <3

  • Danielle @ Danielle Hearts Books

    Django Unchained is brilliant, if you love Tarantino then I’ve no doubt that you’re going to love this one! Les Miserable was interesting – it was a bit challenging what with all the dialogue being sung, but some of those songs were just amazing. I also really want to see Warm Bodies, it looks hilarious.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      I went and saw Les Mis and didn’t really enjoy it myself, unfortunately. All the acting and everything was A-MAZING, but I just found myself bored too many times!
      Will try to see Django before it disappears from cinemas and Warm Bodies is one I really want to see too! :D
      Thanks for commenting lovely :)

  • Clover

    There’s probably loads of films that I’d like to see soon, but I don’t often make it to the cinema so I rarely keep up with what’s out!

    N did promise that we would keep up our monthly date nights to see a film and go out to dinner. February is going to be a bit of a compromise as we’ll also be taking the kids .. to see Wreck it Ralph :)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Yeah, I’ve been having that problem as of late! Money issues is not helping in that manner! But there we go.

      Ahh, I hope that you all enjoy that one! It’s not on my list of ones I want to see, but it does look like a good family film :)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      I saw Les Mis on the day I posted this and I actually didn’t think it was that great – I got bored way too many times! The story just didn’t keep me interested :-(

      Looking forward to Warm Bodies!
      Am iffy about Beautiful Creatures and have never heard of A Good Day to Die Hard.

      Thanks for commenting Lyndsey :-)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Yeah I know what you mean :-( Ah well, that’s what DVDs are for, right?
      I have since seen a trailor of Warm Bodies and cannot wait to watch it as well! :D
      Not heard much about Flight though!
      Thanks for commenting Debbie

  • Nikki @ Foil the Plot

    I saw This Is 40 and it was pretty funny, but I definitely think it’s a rental. Warm Bodies, on the other hand, is worth shelling out the cash to see in the theatre. SO FREAKING AMAZING.

    Being a HUGE Tarantino fan, I want to see Django Unchained, but I feel like I’m better off watching it in the privacy of my own home sans distractions because I get super into his films. I’ve heard good things about Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty is an emotionally draining/super intense film. There are a lot of graphic and gritty scenes making it very hard to watch in public, so you’re probably better off seeing that one at home too.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      I do want to see This is 40 in cinema but only because I am a huge fan of Knocked Up and Paul Rudd, but only if I find someone to go with me! lol.
      I am *hopefully* seeing Warm Bodies this weekend and I cannot wait!

      Oh, I know. Some films are great for the cinema, but some just DEMAND that intimacy of watching at home. Thanks for all the tips on the different films :D

  • Theta Sigma @ Resolution Corner

    Great choices.

    For me, I have Hitchcock, Song For Marion, Warm Bodies, A Good Day To Die Hard, Wreck It Ralph, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Mama and Jack The Giant Slayer on my immediate plans.

    I don’t know if Beautiful Creatures is the type of film for male audiences (somebody let me know) and Hansel & Gretel have received poor reviews.

    I’ve seen Django Unchained, Led Mis, The impossible and Zero Dark Thirty. All I would happily recommend.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Good films on that list!

      Beautiful Creatures does have a male protagonist but I’m not sure it is a male-film. I’ll be going to see it so once I have I’ll let you know what I think!

      I saw Les Mis and didn’t particularly enjoy it :-( but still really want to see the others! :)

      Thanks for commenting Theta.

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