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Murder for Choir by Joelle Charbonneau

Author: Joelle Charbonneau
Publisher: Berkely
Published: July 3rd 2012
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Copy from JKSCommunications
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Summary: (From Goodreads)
Even as a struggling opera singer, Paige Marshall has never seen anything like the cutthroat competition of the Prospect Glen High School show choir. Coaching these championship-hungry students may be her toughest gig yet…
Especially when her best young male singer is suspected of killing the arrogant coach of Prospect Glen’s fiercest rival. To clear his name, Paige will have to sort through a chorus of suspects, and go note-for-note with a killer who wants her out of the spotlight for good.

Four Stars
four out of five hearts

Before it begins
I feel it is important to start this review by sending out my apologies. This was supposed to be written and posted during the books blog tour but my graduation week just turned out to be more hectic than I thought it would be so it never happened. I would therefore like to extend my apologies to the publicist of JKSCommunications, Sami Lien, and to the author, Joelle. Hopefully they can forgive me for this. Now, without further ado, the review that you’re all waiting so patiently for.

The stage is set
This novel was a great read. It was enjoyable and entertaining and gripping and it was honestly just one book that I found myself really liking. It was easy to read and the tension and mystery built throughout it which helped to keep me really interested in what was going on. Joelle has a way with words and I am now really looking forward to carrying on this series and also reading more of her work. This is a novel that I would quite easily recommend to other readers, especially those who love crime and mystery books.

The performers take their positions
If there was one thing that I really loved about this novel it was the characters. Paige was such a strong yet believable character. She had her weaknesses and her limits and she understood them and I know that some characters usually just don’t. She was driven and stubborn yet protective and curious and just friendly. She was always looking out for those she cared about, always trying to find loopholes. She was a great protagonist and really helped to make the story more interesting and entertaining. Which you know, is the key to most stories, isn’t it?

My second favourite character in this book would have to be Mike. With the way he looks at Paige, that quirky smile and just the way he felt so realistic and brilliant was enough for me. There was one moment in the book where I just felt a little, “oh really? Umm… no.” But it was quickly over and didn’t change my entire opinion on him which was good. He was an entertaining character who helped to take away from the seriousness of the book. Aunt Millie was another fun character who was really helpful with advice – though not quite the romantic advice – and was just brilliant with her pink-covered everything and her little dog who hates everyone.

The concert gets under way
The plot of this book was incredible. It kept you guessing throughout the book as to what had actually happened. You were only ever given small details, never enough to put the whole entire thing together. It was fast-paced and really managed to keep the reader guessing. Even during the sub-plot parts of the novel, mentions of the on-going crime investigation crop up and become examined and it is this which helps to make this book more enjoyable, in my opinion. It allowed the author to include dynamic relationships and scenes that seemed to be of no consequence which made the book more fun and entertaining.

It is clear that Joelle is a brilliant and talented writer and simply has a way of keeping the reader interested. This book never gets too serious as there is always something funny awaiting around the corner to keep you on your toes. She gives enough tension throughout the book and just manages to keep the flow of the book brilliantly. I loved the mystery of it and how it finally came to light as to who the murderer was. I did guess towards the end but it didn’t occur to me for some time – but maybe someone who has read more crime novels would have figured it out sooner, who knows? – but when I worked it out I wasn’t annoyed that I knew before Paige, I was just that much more involved. I urged her to take the right turn, to come to the right conclusion and to solve the murder that had turned her life upside down.

The curtain lowers
Overall this is a novel that was thoroughly entertaining. It was full of mystery and tension and left me feeling glad that I had picked it up. I am definitely looking forward to reading more about Paige and the other characters and knowing what else is going to happen. I liked the setting of the choir and how all of that rolled together. I think it really helped to make the book even more interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes crime novels and to anyone who likes everything glee club. It is directed at a more mature audience but I would say that older teens would definitely still enjoy this novel as much as I did. (I hope!)

** I received this book in return for an honest review **



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