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My Thoughts On… The Good Mother by Karen Osman

My Thoughts On… The Good Mother by Karen Osman

Hello All!

Today is my stop on The Good Mother blog tour and I have for you all my thoughts on the book!

About the Book

How far would you go to protect your children?

A gripping psychological suspense, with a shocking twist that will leave you reeling…

Catherine is a good mother and a good wife. The family home is immaculate, her husband’s supper is cooked on time, but when she starts writing to Michael, a prisoner convicted of murder, she finds herself obsessing about his crime and whether he can ever truly be forgiven…

Kate has no time for herself. Caught in the maelstrom of bringing up two young children with no money, and an out of work husband, she longs to escape the drudgery of being a wife and a mother. And she soon starts taking dangerous risks to feel alive…

Alison has flown the nest. But university life is not what she had hoped for, and she finds herself alone and unhappy. Until the day her professor takes a sudden interest in her. Then everything changes…

Three women – all with secrets. And as the days tick down to Michael’s release, those secrets can no longer be ignored.

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My Thoughts

As soon as I heard about this book, I could not wait to read it. It sounded fascinating and my curiosity was certainly piqued. This stayed with me as the book continued as Karen Osman has done a very good job at only giving away a few details without letting the reader put everything together. I loved the way the book jumped back and forth between the three woman and the different timescales and trying to work out where everything was leading. Needless to say, I did not see the ending coming at all – which is an absolute treat when it comes to books like this!

I found all of the characters incredibly intriguing to read about, allowing myself to become fully absorbed in their stories. My favourite character was Kate. I thought she was so strong and intriguing. There was one thing that happened further along that I really didn’t like but we’re all human. I found Alison to also be a character I could semi-relate to. I, again, struggled with her actions but I also felt for her all at the same time. Catherine was my least favourite character. She just didn’t quite settle in my head and I could not understand why she started her new volunteering job. But she definitely added something exciting to the novel so that’s okay.

If you’re looking for a thriller that will suck you in with curiosity but is actually character-based and fairly slow-paced (despite feeling like you have to keep turning the page!) then this is definitely a book you’re going to want to read. With a fascinating end as well, this book is well worth the read and I would definitely recommend it. I really liked devouring the words in this book and feel that Karen has created a strong and entertaining read that I’m sure will be enjoyed by many.

*Please Note: This book may be triggering as there is mention of rape, domestic abuse and manipulative/controlling behaviour*

About the Author

Originally from the UK, Karen won the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Montegrappa Novel Writing Award 2016 with her crime-thriller novel and now has a three-book deal with Head of Zeus. When she’s not writing novels, Karen is busy bringing up her two young children and running her communication business Travel Ink.

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