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NaNo So Far!

So, now that I have hit, and exceeded, the half-way mark on my novel, I figured that it was time to do another update post to let you all in on how my novel writing is going! I was going to do it just when I reached the halfway mark but I actually just completed a 10k weekend challenge and was all a little written out! aha.
Book Title: Misguided Memories (Working Title)

Summary: Amelia O’Callahan thinks she knows everything there is to know about the world but at sixteen, this is a highly evocative stance to take. When her twin brother dies in a car accident, her parents move her from her country life in Aberdeen to the hectic city of London. Faced with the challenge of going to a new school, she is glad that her best friend, Alannah is standing by her side through it all. It is here that she meets Eric. With just one look at him, she just knows that there is something different about him but can’t quite put her finger on it. 
Before she can even get to grips with her new school, however, she finds herself being pulled into an unbelievable world full of vampires and angels among other supernatural creatures. Struggling to comprehend this information, she is thrown into the middle of their battle-field as for some reason she is their main target. Somehow she must learn to rethink everything she has ever known, but she must do it quickly before she ends up getting hurt…

Can she face the truth in front of her before it’s too late or will the other side win? Only time will tell.
Current Word Count: 31,900

How many characters introduced: Seven, one killed.
Plot Twist?: Oh, yessums! Two in fact!
Where are we?: Just at the end of part two where the reader realises we’re back at the end of part one…
How’s it going?: Amazing! I thought that I would be bored of the story by now but it turns out that writing a fantasy story is defnitely something that I’m good at! I’m still a bit iffy about the structure but hopefully I can fine tune it when I edit it! But as I say, so far, I just love writing it!
if you’re doing one, that is =D


  • Katya

    Since you’ve helped me so much over the past two weeks (and I hate being the ~nameless~ stalker), I shall reply to this post and let you know that, yes, I fully support you. And forever will stalk you. With, y’know, love and affection. (Cue the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”.)

    Here I go, shamelessly using your format:

    Book Title: Of Blood and Bone (Working Title)

    Summary: In a city still recovering from a decades-long war, three groups, each providing a certain necessity for the people, coexist: The Sacred, the leaders of the people, keep watch over the Bound, composed of those involved in the restoration of the economy, while the Called deal with matters of the dead. While there is peace, the quiet is only temporary; something is brewing underground, and it is something the world has never seen before.

    After a fatal accident leaves Connor, the son of two woodworkers of the Bound, an orphan, a couple from the Called takes him in as their son and heir, and soon he takes over the family business—that is, making highly intricate personalized coffins rather than generic mass-produced ones. However, his interest in his clients becomes a problem when, while in the cemetery one night, he stumbles across two cloaked figures who are performing a secret ritual—one that drags him into the world of necromancy and a clandestine circle called the Society. While his lips are sealed as he delves deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the organization, there are people who want to keep his mouth shut… permanently. And his death, they say, won’t be reversible.

    Current Word Count: 25,127 (until we have our word wars later tonight!)
    How many characters introduced: Five
    Plot Twist?: I don’t really call what I’ve done plot twists since the story’s fairly straightforward at this point, but I expect one will come later on. December is for editing and details, haha!
    Where are we?: Connor just woke up in the headquarters of the Society and is currently talking to its Head… while I’m delving into the past of the older man, who is my favorite character, apparently. Sorry, kid! Haha!
    How’s it going?: I’m enjoying the story. It’s nice just writing and writing without caring about what others think about the quality and all. I know I won’t be done with the story when I reach 50,000 words but the fact that I’ll finally have loads of it out and ready for editing once the whole first draft is finished… I’m really pleased! And it’s all thanks to you! Let’s keep it up!

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